Beginner Guitar Course

Go From Brand New Beginner to Playing the Guitar and Creating the Music… Instead of Just Memorising a Few Tunes!

When you’re a beginner, playing the guitar can be overwhelming.

There is advice everywhere you turn…on Youtube, in books, and even from friends.

But if you’re collecting information from a whole bunch of unrelated videos on Youtube, you’re only going to confuse yourself.

In fact, you might even sabotage your future guitar ability by picking up bad habits.

What if there was a simple step-by-step system you could follow to start playing the guitar as a brand new beginner?

And what if this system was also specifically designed to give you a solid foundation to reach any level of guitar ability you want…even the pro level if that’s your choice!

I’m Dan Lundholm and it has taken me 20 years of practice, playing in bands, and teaching to put together this proven step-by-step system for playing guitar.

Not only have I written for Guitar Techniques Magazine, but I’ve also taught tons of guitar courses for several U.K and U.S based music colleges.

Here at Spy Tunes I have had free reign to put together the easiest, quickest and best way to play the guitar.

In the video below I show you all ten open position chords, the video series then continues with how you can build upon these basic chords, adding scales and arpeggios.

You’ll be amazed at what you can achieve by following this beginner system through each lesson..

What’s in the Beginner Guitar Course?

There’s a few basic things that every guitar player have to learn, without them you will get stuck, repeating the same old tricks forever.

The Beginner Guitar Course cover everything you need to know to get you set up to mastering the guitar.

The basic skills every guitar player must acquire include:

  • How to play all open position chords and understand why everything starts here
  • How to read and write rhythms
  • How to play up and downstrokes
  • How to play a bunch of songs from beginning to end
  • Understand how a chord in a progression can be seen as a number in a key
  • How to build a finger style pattern

To enquire this information could take years, some guitar players never learn all these basic principles and it cripples their development, for no good reason.

Quote intermediate course opt inTake Spy Tunes Beginner Guitar Course and you can learn all of the above in just four months.

Without these basic skills it will become really difficult for you to develop your guitar playing beyond intermediate level and you might end up just learning guitar by muscle memory and internet TAB.

Muscle memory playing almost always lead to frustration. Don’t go down that path, instead choose the path of understanding the music you’re playing and creating.

Choose this path as it involves improvisation, writing and creating music, playing songs differently every time, taking solos when you want to, not just when you planned them.

Twice a week you get a new lesson. A lesson lasts up to one hour, there is no homework to be done in between these lessons.

Your Beginner Guitar Course will be delivered via email twice a week for four months!