Beginner Rhythm Guitar Songs

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Learn how to play Rhythm Guitar!

These songs are all one acoustic guitar arrangements played with a flat pick.

It is not necessary to play these arrangements exactly as in the video lessons, you can simplify them or make them more intricate.

In the Beginner Guitar Course we play them as in the video but also build 2nd guitar parts, you’ll change key and much, much more.

The Drugs Don't Work Guitar LessonThe Drugs Don’t Work

When a song is as simple as this you need to make sure the dynamical aspects of your arrangement is under control.

Notice when a bass note is plucked before the chord is strummed, how long a strum is, how hard, how soft etc.

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One More Cup Of Coffee Guitar LessonOne More Cup Of Coffee

One More Cup Of Coffee is not a fast song so at first this might seem easy.

To play a simple part like this you need to vary your strumming with rakes, hard/soft strums and a combination of plucking the bass notes and strumming the upper part of the chord.

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Redemption Song Guitar LessonRedemption Song

The rhythm guitar part of Redemption Song has more detail than what first might seem to be the case.

A combination of strumming and plucking the bass notes gives the pattern a more sophisticated feel.

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Rewind Guitar LessonRewind

The syncopated 16th note strums on the upper part of chords need to be adjusted to the singers phrasing, keep it nice and loose, don’t rush these strums.

The difference between picking a bass note Vs strumming a whole chord is massive. Experiment with different types of strumming as you play the song yourself.

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Robin Hood Guitar LessonRobin Hood

To play a song as slow as Robin Hood can be tricky. Use a metronome to make sure you don’t fluctuate in tempo.

Similarly to One More Cup Of Coffee the hard part of playing like this is to keep it interesting, behind the beat but still driving.

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Talking About A Revolution Guitar LessonTalking About A Revolution

The strumming pattern for Talking About A Revolution is simple yet effective. The reason it works so well is due to the push into chord 2 and 4 (Cadd9 and D).

When you play a repetitive pattern like this there is only one way to vary it and that is with dynamics.

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Time Of Your Life Guitar LessonTime Of Your Life

The rhythm guitar in Time Of Your Life is very simple and repetitive.

Notice how the upper part of the pattern stay the same. This is a very good strategy when you want to create a meditative pattern.

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Wonderwall Guitar LessonWonderwall

When playing Wonderwall, small dynamical changes in your pattern are essential in order to sound great.

Our version of Wonderwall is a one guitar arrangement. Since the original version has a full band, some changes have been made to make this sound good on one guitar.

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Don’t just learn the Tune – Learn from the Tune!

All these songs have so much to teach you about arrangement, song writing and playing guitar.

Instead of just memorising the song, learn everything you can from them. The Beginner Guitar Course will help you do this.

Complete TAB, rhythm charts, second guitar parts, no stone is left unturned when you take the beginner course!