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Over The Rainbow

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Doris Day

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Eva Cassidy

Eva Cassidy

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  • Eva Cassidy Facts

    Birth Name: Eva Marie Cassidy
    February 2, 1963 - Washington, DC
    November 2, 1996 (aged 33) - Bowie, Maryland
    jazz, blues, folk, gospel and pop
    Vocals, Guitar
    Years Active:
    1981 - 1996

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    Labels: Liaison, Eva Music, Blix Street
    Official Website:
    go here

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Harold Arlen

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Legendary performance of Over The Rainbow by Eva Cassidy!

Eva Cassidy was an American vocalist who didn’t reach fame until five years after she passed away.

An amateur recording of Eva playing Over The Rainbow in her local pub was played on Top of the Pops 2, a TV show in the UK.

The producer, Mark Hagen, was having doubts about playing it on air due to the video’s poor quality and amateur style of recording but took the risk by airing it on December 13, 2000.

The video had a phenomenal reaction from viewers. People were bombarding the studio with calls about the song, trying to find out more information about the unknown Eva Cassidy who sadly was no longer with us.

Eva Cassidy Biography Links

Find out more about Eva Cassidy in Eva Cassidy: Songbird: Her Story by Those Who Knew Her.

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  2. john n

    I first listened to this u-tube video a month ago.I loved the voice, arrangement and the fingerstyle. Such beautiful hands. After about 20 replays, I had to find out who this singer guitarist was. Sadly Iwent to Eva’s website and discovered the bad news. Suddenly this Spytunes video was gone. I had a feeling of panic thinking I would never hear this amazing rendition again. I discovered that there were many other videos on line and I took a listen. Great songs but the live one at BLUES ALLEY was different. On her high notes she used a falsetto to reach them where on the SPYTUNES she didn’t. Much more powerfull. Every day I went online looking for the title Over the Rainbow chords. Seems someone put it back on You Tube. Great decision. Perfect vibrato on all her notes. So hard to do when delivering the words softly. A gift from her creator…thx….

    1. Guru Post author

      Cool, yeah Jimi Hendrix estate shut me down on YouTube that’s why it went.

      I’m back now, but without Jimi…

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