Green Day Biography

How Green Day got to the top and stayed there!

Green Days third album Dookie (1994) took the band to super stardom.

With 15 million copies sold they were not only everybody’s favorite punk trio, they had started a new American punk trend and bands like Rancid and Offspring became part of a new musical movement.

After a few more albums and years of touring Green Day release ‘American Idiot’ in 2004. This album has firmly put Green Day on the map of super famous bands.

In may 2009 they released ’21st century Breakdown’, continuing their political punk crusade. September 2009 saw the unlikely appearance of American Idiot The Musical!

Billy later said he’d love to see American Idiot as a feature film. “I thought American Idiot had a lot in common with something like Rocky Horror Picture Show“.

Green Day stayed on top with Time of Your Life!

Time of your life was originally entitled Good Riddance (Time Of Your Life) but it has also been called Time Of Your Life (Good Riddance).

Initially Billie Joe Armstrong wrote the song for the breakthrough album Dookie, but it was held back three years for the follow up Nimrod.

As a single from Nimrod, Time Of Your Life did very well and was the only cross over single with world wide success from the album.

Some might even say Time Of Your Life kept Green Day in the limelight between Dookie and American Idiot.

According to bassist Mike Dirnt, Time Of Your Life was in comparison to the rest of the material on Nimrod “The most punk we could go”.

Which has to be credited as sensible punk philosophy.

Billie Joe Armstrong has always had a good pop sensibility that Green Day have managed to pair with their straight forward punk style.

Time Of Your Life stands out by being cross over, and the fans love them for it.

Not being afraid of commercial hit writing, Green Days strength has always been their power punk super hits.

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