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Over The Rainbow

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Doris Day

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Judy Garland

Judy Garland Biography

Judy Garland sang Over The Rainbow!

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  • Judy Garland Facts

    Name: Frances Ethel Gumm
    Born: June 10, 1922, Grand Rapids, Minnesota, USA
    Died: June 22, 1969, Chelsea, London, England, UK
    Occupation: Singer, Actress
    Years Active: 1924-1969 (singer) 1929-1964 (actress)

  • Judy Garland Links

    Label: MGM
    Website: www.thejudyroom.com
    Myspace: myspace.com/francesethel
    Wikipedia: go here

Harold Arlen

Harold Arlen

Harold Arlen wrote the best song in the world!

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Judy Garland sang Over The Rainbow in The Wizard Of Oz!

Judy Garland shot to world wide fame when she sang Over The Rainbow in the 1939 Blockbuster The Wizard of OZ only 16 years young, but she had made an astonishing 12 films prior to The Wizard Of Oz.

All in all Judy Garland made 41 films throughout her career, starting in 1929 with The Big Revue and ending in 1967 with being fired from the production of Valley Of The Dolls.

In 1999 the American Film Institute placed her at #8 of greatest female stars in the history of American cinema.

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