Norah Jones Biography

Norah Jones got eight Grammy Awards for her debut album!

As the daughter of The Beatles musical mentor Ravi Shankar, Norah’s destiny might seem written in the stars when she at the age of 23 released her incredibly successful album Come Away With Me on the legendary label Blue Note.

Norah’s debut was produced by Arif Mardin who with his vast experience managed to capture the rich voice and intimate sound of Norah’s music.

In 2005 the album received Diamond status as it reached 10 million sales.

Since then the debut album has sold over 22 million copies making it the most successful jazz album of all time, beating Miles Davis’ Kind Of Blue to the thrown.

Norah Jones’ Awards

Post her first 8 Grammy Awards from her first visit where 5 of them where actually directed straight at her performance, Norah has won even more Awards!

In total, Norah has received a total of 12 Grammy Awards, 4 World Music Awards and 1 Brit Award.

As far as sales go, Norah Jones has sold over 37 million records worldwide, making her the most popular female artist post the Millennium!

Creepin’ In featured Norah Jones and Dolly Parton!

To follow up the immensely successful album Come Away With Me was a pretty daunting task for anyone, especially after getting eight Grammy Awards for debut!

The second album Feels Like Home was, just as the first one, produced by Arif Mardin (Bette Midler, Chaka Khan, Bee Gees, Phil Collins, Aretha Franklin) who took the calm jazz/folk piano led style more towards American country roots.

The success of Feels Like Home was instant with almost 2 million copies sold worldwide on its first week of release!

Back at the Grammy Awards!

Following this, Norah set out for her second Grammy Award and this time she clinched the Best Female Pop Vocal.

Creepin’ In was written by Norah Jones bass player Lee Alexander who had credits on 6 out of 13 songs form Feels Like Home.

Apart from Norah, Lee and Dolly Parton another legendary musician played on the album.

On the track What Am I To You we hear Levon Helm on the Drums (Drummer and Vocalist of The Band).

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