Paolo Nutini Biography

Paolo Nutini is great on album but really shines live!

Paolo Nutini is a singer-songwriter from Paisley, Scotland.

His fathers side of the family hail from Italy but has spent the last generations in Scotland where he met Paolos mum in Glasgow.

Born in 1987 Paolo Nutini’s career started when an artist was late to perform in his school, Paolo was asked by the music teacher to go up and sing a song.

The reaction from the crowd and Paolo’s naturally stunning voice caught the attention of his soon to be manager who happened to be in the crowd!

A few years on and Paolo had signed with Atlantic and began work on his first album These Streets which was released in 2006.

Notable singles from this album was Last Request, Jenny Don’t Be Hasty, New Shoes and Rewind.

All singles did well and has earned Paolo a very steady following in and around the U.K. His 2009 follow up ‘Sunny Side Up’ took Paolo from selling out 2000 capacity venues to 5000 in the U.K.

Guru was lucky enough to be on three legs of his 2009 tour, seeing Paolo first hand making the switch from small to medium sized concert halls, always maintaining a sell out show.

With a fantastic team around him Paolo has ensured a place among the most important U.K acts at the moment and is very likely to maintain this position for many years to come.

Paolo Nutini Influences

Even though it has mainly been stated that Paolo is influenced by The Beatles, David Bowie, Oasis, U2, Pink Floyd and Fleetwood Mac, Guru could in his on the road vinyl collection mainly spot old school Soul artists like Sam Cooke.

Last Request was Paolo Nutini’s first single off These Streets!

Maintaining his Scottish accent instead of putting on an American accent like most singers would, Paolo automatically sounds like no one else.

If it’s the accent, his songwriting, management, lyric writing or appearance that drive women crazy everywhere he goes might be difficult to pinpoint, perhaps it’s the full package.

As he performs Last Request or any other of his ballads live there is a noticeable tempo difference to the album versions, allowing his voice to fully bloom.

In the Youtube video on the right you an see one of Paolo’s first performances on British TV through ‘Later with Jools Holland’, a very popular music program that has launched many acts throughout the years.

Paolo has since this early TV performance slowly but surely spread his music around the world, visiting most venues and festival in the U.K as well as Europe, North America and lately even Australia.

If you feel that music has gone too plastic in the last decade or two; have a listen to Paolo Nutini, a contemporary singer that holds the flag for credibility high and mighty!

Spy Tunes like him so much that we have recorded two songs from his debut Album, Last Request and Rewind.

Rewind was Paolo Nutini’s third single!

After Last Request and Jenny Don’t Be Hasty Paolo Nutini released Rewind.

He didn’t have the same success with the sales but this is still one of his most popular songs.

The lyrics deal with the classic theme of relationship troubles, using the phrase Rewind to emphasize regret.

Live, Paolo has preformed Rewind in many different ways, constantly changing the arrangement, adding horn sections, strings etc, allowing the composition to stay alive for hundreds of more gigs.

It is obvious how Paolo’s main influences come from American Soul music and is mainly focused around the great soul singers like Sam Cooke.

But there is also a very strong folk influence which does give him a unique tone.

Since the release of These Streets Paolo has toured steadily and gathered bigger and bigger crowds to share his music with.

His latest album Sunny Side Up is a triumph, his debut legendary.

Paolo Nutini has both simple yet strong song-writing skills and a massive voice, very refreshing in today’s musical climate!

Paolo Nutini Live

Paolo is great on album but really shines live.

His brilliant band The Vipers provide a silky smooth background for Paolo’s naturally powerful, yet delicate voice.

Together their tour bus continue to roll around the U.K, Europe and lately the world. If you get a chance do catch him live, don’t hesitate.

I loved every minute of watching this guy preform, a legend in the making!

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