Robbie Williams Biography

Robbie Williams has won 15 BRIT Awards!

Robbie Williams is a 15-time BRIT Award-winning English pop singer.

Williams career started as a member of the pop band Take That in 1990.

When Robbie left Take That in 1995 to pursue a solo career he had sold 25 million records with the group.

As a solo artist he first released hits like Angels and Let Me Entertain You, only to move on to Big Band singing on his hugely popular Swing When You’re Winning album.

Angels still ends most of Robbie Williams live shows!

Despite never getting higher than #4 in the U.K charts, there is little doubt that Angels is by far Robbie Williams most popular song.

Only comparable to Wonderwall by Oasis, Angels was voted Best British Song (BRIT Awards) of the last 25 years in 2005. A position Wonderwall overtook in 2009.

As time has passed, Angels have sold over 1 million copies in the UK (2x platinum) and has been covered by many artists, even claiming the Most Popular Karaoke Song Ever title by PRS.

Williams himself says the song has been “very good to his wallet”.

Robbie Williams signs for £80 Million

It’s very likely that Robbie Williams signed the biggest U.K Record Deal ever with EMI for £80 million based on the huge success with Angels.

The deal focused on how the label would have more control over Williams career as they prepared to “break America”.

The deal was penned by Ingenious Media, a consulting network.

Robbie has reported to thoroughly enjoy living in the Hollywood Hills as he now live an almost normal life!

In 2010 we saw a comeback for Robbie Williams in his old band Take That, Guru suspect Angels will sneak in to the repertoire somehow!

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