Simon And Garfunkel Biography

Scarborough Fair

Scarborough Fair

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Tenderness Chords

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Paul Simon

Paul Simon Biography

Paul Simon wrote Tenderness!

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Simon And Garfunkel

Simon & Garfunkel Biography

Simon & Garfunkel, one of the most celebrated duos in the world!

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One of the most celebrated duos in the world!

The duo of Paul Simon and Art Garfunkel where a hugely successful American folk duo.

Paul Simon‘s songwriting mastery can be compared to the likes of Bob Dylan and Lennon/McCartney.

Their hits include: Homeward Bound, Scarborough Fair, The Boxer, Mrs Robinson, Bridge Over Troubled Water and American Tune.

American Tune being the only popular music song that seriously has been considered as an alternative to the American National Anthem Stars And Stripes.

Simon and Garfunkel Biography Links

Find out more about Simon and Garfunkel in Simon & Garfunkel: The Biography and Paul Simon: A Life.

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