Axe Fx vs The Real Deal

Can you tell the difference between an amp and Axe Fx? I stumbled across this video that compare the Axe Fx with the real deal today on Facebook. As I’ve used both things I felt this was worth sharing. Here’s the video, the guy is pretty angry and it’s all metal which is not my [...]

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Someday I’ll Fly

John Mayer Documentary! In ‘Someday I’ll Fly’ John Mayer himself talks about his early years, how he came about signing his first record deal and everything that happened following his instant success. In his own words, ‘Someday I’ll Fly’ is a great insight into John Mayer’s life, writing style and career. Check out this one [...]

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Put Your Records On Jukebox Band

Alison David and the Jukebox Band! Today I’ve just uploaded another song to YouTube, it’s my good friend Alison David who sings ‘Put Your Records On’ by Corinne Bailey Rae. Musicians on this recording are: Alani Gibbon – BV’s Alison David – Vocals Andy Nixon – Percussion Ben Daniel – Bass/BV’s Dan Lundholm – Guitar [...]

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The Life Of Riley

New documentary about B.B King out now! I’ve seen many documentaries and films based on artists life. ‘Ray’, the story of Ray Charles or ‘What’s Love Got To Do With It’ about Tina Turner first coming to mind. I’ve also read a lot of biographies, Eric Clapton, Slash being two that I felt really taught [...]

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Mad Professor Silver Spring Reverb Review

The Mad Professor Silver Spring Reverb! After a few months of trying, buying and selling reverb pedals I pretty much came to the conclusion that it’s impossible to find a decent reverb in a pedal. I compared several units, even put an actual spring tank (Headroom by Carl martin) in the effects loop, nothing was [...]

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