Mad Professor Silver Spring Reverb Review

The Mad Professor Silver Spring Reverb! After a few months of trying, buying and selling reverb pedals I pretty much came to the conclusion that it’s impossible to find a decent reverb in a pedal. I compared several units, even put an actual spring tank (Headroom by Carl martin) in the effects loop, nothing was [...]

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Reverb Pedals

Can a Reverb Pedal do the job? After selling the Axe Fx I bought a Dr Z Carmen Ghia, probably a sign of how I feel about the Axe Fx… With the Axe Fx anything is possible, multiple amps and effect rigs can be programmed and recalled in just a few clicks. The Dr Z [...]

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Why I sold the Axe Fx

Why I sold and moved away from the Axe Fx! My guitar playing journey went like this: Classical Acoustic Guitar – Electric Guitar – Acoustic Steel String – Electric Guitar – Bass – Electric Guitar. During that journey I bought a lot of equipment. I also sold pretty much all of it. When I stopped [...]

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Paco de Lucia dies of heart attack

Paco De Lucia has sadly passed away today aged 66 According to the independent Paco De Lucia died of a heart attack when on a beach in Cancun, playing with his children. By many seen as the “best” guitar player the world has ever seen, Paco did in many ways bring flamenco to the rest [...]

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Guitar Repairs Brighton

New Guitar Repair Service in Brighton! Well, it’s not actually a new service, but Pedro of Guitar Repairs Brighton have finally gotten himself a website! I’ve used Pedro’s services for many years now and I’m happy to see that he’s gotten himself a website in If you are in the area and need a [...]

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