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Matrix Amplification

Matrix Amplification to the rescue! New kid on the block in July 2010 was Matrix Amplification who without intention solved the problem many guitar players have: how to power your digital guitar rig live. Before Matrix, almost the entire PA Market on budget level has since the introduction of the Mackie SRM 450 been heading [...]

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SE Electronics Review

Stevie Wonder recommend SE Electronics! SE Electronics are a relatively new microphone manufacturer from Shanghai who have produced some very interesting products in the last 5 years. Their developments include the reflexion filter, the GM10 and a new collaboration with Mr Rupert Neve! SE Reflexion Filter The most successful product in the SE lineup is [...]

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Rode Microphones Review

Rode offer Microphones for a sensible budget! Henry and Astrid Freedman emigrated from cold Sweden to sunny Australia in 1976. Their company Freedman Electronics became a pioneer in the Australian audio industry delivering installation and servicing of a diverse range of audio products. Ongoing microphone research and development led Freedman Electronics to design and produce [...]

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Wharfedale Pro Review

Wharfedale Pro challenge Behringer and Mackie! The PA market is a huge business and between the cheap and cheerful Behringer and the seemingly top of the range Mackie, several new manufacturers have tried to fill an important gap in the market. British Wharfedale Pro is such a company who claim to offer the quality of [...]

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SWR Amps Review

SWR offer sensible design solutions for the acoustic guitar amp market! SWR have a great reputation as bass amp manufacturers and took the experience from building high headroom clean bass amps since 1984 and adapted the concept for the acoustic guitar market all ready back in the 90s. The California Blonde II hit the shops [...]

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