Electro-Harmonix Pedals Review

Wacky sounds, designs and names made Electro-Harmonix world famous!

NYC based Electro-Harmonix was founded in 1968, with their vacuum tubes, large and wacky pedals they quickly made a name for themselves which has lasted well ever since.

Over forty years since the initial release of the Big Muff Pi they have produced such classics as:

Electric Mistress, Small Stone, Micro Synthesizer, Deluxe Memory Man, English Muffin, Holy Grail, The Black and White Finger compression pedals and the new envelope filter; The Riddle, to name just a few.

buy Electro-Harmonix deluxe memory manDeluxe Memory Man

The Deluxe Memory Man is an analog delay pedal made most famous by The Edge from U2 who after investing in this little box invented U2s sound.

The pedal has modulation possibilities for the delayed signal, this can add some serious warmth to your delays.

Compare this to the super clean digital delays that Boss DD produce and you shall soon see what is right for you. The Deluxe Memory Man is often referred to as being a very musical delay.

buy Electro-Harmonix deluxe electric mistressElectric Mistress

This is the most famous analog chorus/flanger pedal around. This huge box can produce both wacky sounds and subtle shimmers.

With it’s mere three knobs you wouldn’t think it’s easy to get lost but the pedal does offer many different sounds depending on how the knobs are set in relation to each other.

Bare this in mind when you try one out, it might take a while to get the hang of what it can do.

Depending on guitar, touch, amp and other pedals it will also perform very differently so take your time with it and your mistress shall treat you well.

Riddle: Qballs

Electro-Harmoix has a long history of envelope filter pedals.

With the new ‘Riddle: Qballs’ they seem to have packed every kind of envelope variation you could imagine into this extremely versatile unit.

The video by speaks for itself.

The maker of this fantastic pedal demo/music video is Jack Conte who even set up a site where you can buy all his E-H gear test tunes.

Much more interesting than your average walk through of a pedal!

Made in the true spirit of E-H who constantly encourage their users to make their own demo videos by posting them on their site.

buy Electro-Harmonix   tubes

Vacuum Tubes

As well as making pedals E-H also makes tubes, or valves.

These are what would run your valve amps preamp, Reverb, Tremolo and output stage.

E-H provide a huge range of valves for all these different applications, but also for tube microphones and other studio equipment.

If you want to experiment with using different tubes for your amp, E-H has a long list of suggestions for that as well.

Low big ad intermediate course

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