Mackie PA Review

When you think PA, you think Mackie!

No other brand than Mackie could claim world domination in PA solutions.

With an innovative design spirit Mackie has been copied by most other mixer and speaker manufacturers the world over.

Mackie users love their purchases so much they even call themselves mackoids, let’s find out why!

SRM450 v2

The original SRM450 hit the market back in the late 90s, it was Mackies genius move to take RCA speakers (whom they bought) and re market them not as a PA speaker, but as a studio monitor quality PA.

Mackie took with the SRM450 a closer look at how the powered speaker could be optimized, by building in more sophisticated technology for the crossover, and fine tuning the power amps (two inside each speaker) they delivered a fail safe unit that blew the competition out of the water.

mackie SRM450v2
This approach worked wonders and Mackie sold millions of these all over the world to working bands.

With the launch of the SRM450v2, Mackie have made even more tweaks to the unit with better spread of the high end and even more punchy lows.

The built in limiting and compression technology has also been tweaked and it is now almost impossible to get these babies to distort, even after many hours of continuous use.

The price is kept almost as low as the old model ensuring that old users will upgrade and new users will be attracted. At 18 kg (40lbs) they won’t break your back either.

Since the SRM450s release the rest of the worlds speaker manufacturers have copied the design as if there was no tomorrow, with the v2 now in a more sophisticated blue, how long will it take before that gets copied as well?


Mackie SWA1501
To compliment the huge success of the SRM450′s Mackie has a sub range of 18″, dual 18″ and the very popular 15″ active sub.

All convenient technology you’d expect from Mackie is in there, pretty expensive but a pair of these and the SRM450s are a hugely popular choice the world over.
The compact design and the ability to constantly push the low end for hours has made them many working bands first choice.

Mackie 1202-VLZ3

Mackie 1202-vlzMackie started out making mixers and honed their reputation through it, as early as 1991 they launched the most popular mixing console ever and started their journey towards world domination.

The first units were of high quality, simple design and robust build, something they have stayed true to with the release of (almost) every product since.

The 1202-VLZ3 is without a doubt the most popular 4 mono mic channels and two stereo ins mixer in the world, everybody seem to have one.

Great for solo performers and duos but also drummers, keyboard payers and even studios use them. It would be very difficult to find an unhappy 1202 owner.
Mackie CFX12 mkII

Mackie CFX12 mkII

Mackie has over the years made several attempts to break the “all in one mixer” market but holding back on mic preamp quality and slightly dodgy effects damaged their reputation slightly.

The new CFX12 mkII set out to set the record straight.

You get 8 mono and 2 stereo channels, 4 sub groups, 9 band graphic, a sub out and built in effects. It seems like Mackie got it right this time, again.

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