Rode Microphones Review

Rode offer Microphones for a sensible budget!

Henry and Astrid Freedman emigrated from cold Sweden to sunny Australia in 1976.

Their company Freedman Electronics became a pioneer in the Australian audio industry delivering installation and servicing of a diverse range of audio products.

Ongoing microphone research and development led Freedman Electronics to design and produce microphones, and in 1990, the first RĂ˜DE microphone was put to the market.
rode nt3

Rode NT3

This cheap and sturdy microphone was what Spy Tunes recorded their entire acoustic catalog with, acoustic guitar and vocals.

The NT3 is a small condenser microphone that can be hand held, stand mount, phantom powered or 9V battery powered.
This microphone is very reliable, we put it through some serious abuse and it never failed us.

If you are working in a lot of different locations and need a condenser that can take some tough handling, this is a great buy.
rode nt4

Rode NT4

This stereo microphone removes all your need to get stereo images using multiple microphones, several stands and all the hassle this can bring.

Simply place this beauty at a good angle and your acoustic will sound great.
No hassle to produce the stereo image anymore.

We have heard this microphone in action and it sounds absolutely fantastic.

By being stereo you get the feeling that you are standing next to a guitar in a room, rather than hearing it through speakers.

The difference has to be heard to be believed.

You can’t really compare this microphone to normal microphones, only to matched stereo pair solutions, with all the extra hassle matched stereo pairs bring, this is a great investment.

Many headaches will be removed.
rode NT1-A

Rode NT1-A

This was Spy Tunes next purchase, a large diaphragm condenser that according to Rode is the most quit condenser available.

The NT1-A is great if you have a home studio and need a range of microphones, this would suit many applications, and not break the bank either.

Rode S1, M1 & M2

Rode also make live microphones.
These can be used for vocals but also work wonders on guitar amps, live or in the studio.

The S1 is a condenser microphone for live use. Judging by how sturdy and reliable the NT1 was, the S1 should be even better!

The M1 and M2 are already being used by touring bands so Rode seem to have gotten it right.


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