Wharfedale Pro Review

Wharfedale Pro challenge Behringer and Mackie!

The PA market is a huge business and between the cheap and cheerful Behringer and the seemingly top of the range Mackie, several new manufacturers have tried to fill an important gap in the market.

British Wharfedale Pro is such a company who claim to offer the quality of Mackie at the price of Behringer.

Being less established than the two main players they don’t offer the same worldwide availability and consistent pricing but with some research you could snap up a bargain here.

Titan 12A

Titan 12A

Similar in design to Mackie’s SRM450 and Behringer’s B312A the unit delivers 300W through two separate built in power amps.

The 12A offer built in limiter and EQ and should you need to run it with only a microphone this is also possible.

Wharfedale has spent a lot of time on the enclosure, making sure it spreads the sound evenly, is resistant to water and is lightweight. Weighing in at 14kg (32lbs) they seem to have succeeded.

Titan sub-A15

Wharfedale offer two active subs in the Titan range, a 12″ and a 15″.

You’d be surprised what a difference a 12″ sub does to the solo performer but the 15″ might be a good choice should you have a drummer in the band.

A built in power amp delivers 400W and takes care of the crossover as well!

All you do is plug in to this from the mixer, then link up to the Titan tops, very neat.

Should you want to use an external power amp this is also possible with a dedicated mono input.


Wharfedale make mixers as well, the R-200 gives you 4 mono and two stereo inputs, effects can be added via the loop and there is also signal routing available for your monitor.


Should you want a mixer with built in fx then the R-2004fx does the job nicely with 8 mono inputs and full length faders.

Wharfedale Pro offer great value for money and takes you out of the super budget category without breaking the bank and sits nicely in between Behringer and Mackie when it comes to price.

Find a shop and compare the sound if you get the chance, you might be surprised!

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