Intermediate Guitar Lesson 3

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Intermediate Guitar Lesson 3

All minor barred chords and I'm Yours!

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Learn how to play all minor barred chords!

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All minor barred chords and I’m Yours!

In the last intermediate guitar lesson we learned that our goal is to learn all barred chord shapes in all keys and I gave you TAB for all exercises using major barred chord shapes.

This was no small task and perhaps you are still practicing this, after all, it has only been a week so that would not be strange!

What is more, this week I want you to start practicing the minor barred chords as well.

Don’t worry, this doesn’t mean you had to perfect the major chords, it just means; add all minor chords to the routine as well.

If you have been using the Work Book everyday you should clearly see what your progression actually was.

Now, mix it up a bit, maybe practice the A shape and the Dm shape one day, the Gm shape and C shape the next, for example.

There will be another 8 weeks until these exercises change so you have plenty of time to get it right.

Next week I will give you all the TAB for the minor chords, just like I did with the major chords in the last lesson. For now, just see if you can work out how to do it without reading something. Just replace every E with Em, every A with Am etc.

Intermediate Guitar Lesson 3 homework

In the light of this, let’s take a song example and try out our newly acquired shapes.

Combine this with last lessons task; to play sections of a chord shape in all keys.

In this weeks guitar lesson we take the progression of I’m Yours by Jason Mraz and move it around the neck.

We only focus on playing the top half of the shapes throughout.

The rhythm guitar part of this should be played with a simple down stroke off every beat, practice along with the original video lesson.

Practice I’m Yours

First off, memorize the verse in one shape at a time.

We are in B major when we play I’m Yours, this means that the lowest available B chord is an A shape. All in all we are looking at these barred chords in this area:

B, A shape
F#, E shape
G#m, Gm shape
E, D shape

Remember, you are not supposed to play the entire chord shape, just the top part.

When you feel comfortable in this low area of the neck it’s time to move up to the next position and find all our chords here.

The next area will start off with a G shaped B since this is the shape that comes after the A shape. These are all the chord shapes:

B, G shape
F#, D shape
G#m, Em shape
E, C shape

Let’s look at the third position for these chords:

B, E shape
F#, C shape
G#m, Dm shape
E, A shape

Only two more areas to go, here are the chords available when the I chord is a D shape:

B, D shape
F#, A shape
G#m, Cm shape
E, G shape

And finally, the last area of the neck is covered, starting out on a C shape:

B, C shape
F#, G shape
G#m, Am shape
E, E shape

When can I move on?

When you can keep the constant down stroke rhythm part going without getting lost among your chord shapes and without missing a beat you have completed this lesson and it’s time to find a new song.

Expand on the concept

Just like we did here with I’m Yours, so can you do with most songs.

Simply take a progression with a simple rhythm, work out the chord shapes in one area of the neck at the time.

Make up games for yourself like; play the progression twice in one area, then move up.

Put the shapes and chord progressions first, not the song.

When you feel confident in all areas, start playing around more freely.

Next up is Intermediate Guitar Lesson 4.

Happy playing!

Dan (your guitar guru)

Guitar Conspiracy

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I have made up my mind: You Can Learn Guitar!
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