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Go beyond memorising songs by discovering how to speak the language of music!

Teaching guitar and writing guitar courses for twenty years I’ve come across thousands of guitar players. Almost all of them seem to be on the same path. Most can play some songs, they’ve memorised a bunch of chords and two or three Minor Pentatonic scale shapes.

The good news is that this relatively simple knowledge is actually enough to get you playing in your first band. It’s plenty to keep you going as well, you don’t even need a guitar teacher, the internet has plenty of TABs for you to memorise using muscle memory!

But how many songs can you memorise? How many solos can you prepare in your own time using the few scale shapes you know?

  • What happens on the day you just can’t remember a song you once memorised?
  • When a singer asks you to play a song in a different key, can you do it?
  • What do you do when the singer turns around, points at you and shouts: solo!

To deal with situations like this, playing the guitar by muscle memory isn’t enough anymore. You have to understand music and more importantly, how it relates to the guitar fretboard.

It’s the understanding of how chords, chord progressions, scales and arpeggios work together to harmonically shape a song that will enable you to cope with any of the above scenarios, and do it with a smile on your face!

About Me

It took me over twenty years of practising the guitar, playing in bands and teaching to put together this step by step method for understanding music and playing the guitar.

I’ve written for Guitar Techniques magazine, taught and written guitar courses for U.K and U.S based music colleges but mainly, since 2007, I’ve been teaching guitar online here at Spy Tunes.

Being my own boss, I have had free reign to put together what I feel is the easiest, quickest and best way to learn the guitar.

Thousands of students have helped me develop Spy Tunes over the years, culminating in a series of seriously affordable and super efficient guitar courses.

Beginner guitar course

beginner-guitar-course-36-lessonsThere are a few basic skills that every guitar player have to learn. Without them you will get stuck, repeating the same old tricks forever.

These basic skills are what you will acquire when you take the beginner guitar course, they include how to:

  • Play all open position chords and understand why everything starts here
  • Read and write rhythms
  • Play up and downstrokes
  • Play famous songs from beginning to end
  • Understand how a chord in a progression can be seen as a number in a key
  • How to build a fingerstyle pattern

To acquire this information could take years, some guitar players never learn these basic principles completely and it cripples their development, for no good reason.

Muscle memory playing almost always lead to frustration. Don’t go down that path, instead, choose the path of understanding the music you’re playing and creating.

Choose this path as it involves improvisation, writing and creating music, playing songs slightly differently every time, taking solos when you want to, not just when you planned them.

Intermediate guitar course

intermediate-guitar-course-52-lessonsIn the intermediate guitar course, we really get going as we take the basic open position chords and turn them into barre chords. From these barre chords, we build pentatonic shapes and can now add licks, improvise and create melodies over any songs chord progression.

To achieve this we must look at real songs, songs that made it, songs we are singing years after they were in the charts. Songs that are so brilliant we call them tunes.

You know which ones I mean, the ones that without the production, without the fancy string arrangement, when you bring it back down to just one acoustic guitar and vocal. If the song works in this format, it’s a tune!

These are the songs you should learn but more importantly, learn from. To find out how a great song is put together you need to be able to answer questions like these:

  • What actually happens in the chord progression?
  • How does the bridge fit with the chorus?
  • What scales are used for the vocal melody?
  • What rhythmic repetition in the vocal melody makes it catchy?
  • Which strumming pattern make the arrangement work and why?
  • How do you change the arrangement when playing fingerstyle instead of using a pick?

All this is what you will discover when you take the intermediate course.

Starting with a famous song, we first look at how it is constructed. We examine each part in great detail using full TAB, with rhythms but we don’t stop there! We also create 2nd guitar parts, change key and play melodies.

To really get somewhere, we don’t just learn the tune, we learn from the tune!

There are twenty-three songs to play in this course. All of them have been stripped back to just one acoustic guitar and one vocal.

Advanced guitar course

advanced-guitar-course-100-lessonsThe advanced guitar course will get you to play modally, with the music, following the chords. You will soon be in complete control of every scale shape and every interval within that scale shape.

You’ll be able to extend any chord as you’ll understand how to build a chord from intervals. You’ll even be able to play vocal melodies and improvise solos, anywhere on the neck!

The advanced guitar course has one hundred step by step lessons. You’ll learn all the modes, chords and arpeggios you’ll ever need, as well as sixteen complete songs.

One hundred step by step lesson may seem like a lot but take a lesson a day and you’ll complete this course in just over three months!

Master guitar course

master-guitar-course-52-lessonsThe master guitar course takes all the theories and exercises you learned in the previous courses and complete them.

These final master exercises are so efficient that once completed, you will not have to think anymore, you won’t even have to practise anymore!

How music and the guitar fretboard work will be as natural to you as your ABC’s. You will know how to build any chord, no matter what the name – as you will understand how all chords are built.

You will be able to move a melody from one scale shape to another – as you understand how each scale shape is built on intervals.

Changing key will be easy and building new guitar parts is something you can do by just improvising.

Music really is a language that you can learn to speak fluently.

The Guitar Conspiracy

guitar-conspiracy-3When Spy Tunes was first launched back in 2007, it came with a book called the ‘Guitar Conspiracy’. The book told you everything you needed to know in order to play and understand the guitar and music.

Being a book, you could read it in just a few days and then be faced with the challenge of actually doing the work involved, on your own.

As great as it was to know what the goal was, it was completely down to your own self-discipline to get the work done.

Now that the step by step lessons are available you are not on your own anymore – I’ll be with you every step of the way.

You could take the courses like that, only learning what is in each step. But why not see the whole picture as well? Why not know exactly what you’re aiming for?

To ensure no detail is overlooked, the ‘Guitar Conspiracy 3.0’ (now a 415 page updated eBook) is included as a reference manual with the courses.

If you want to know the goal and all that will be required, read it.

100% satisfaction guarantee

I’m so convinced you’re gonna love my step by step guitar courses that I’m offering you a 30 day, 100% money back guarantee using PayPal Buyers Protection.

For only $19.95/month you get access to all courses, without any time restrictions. You can switch as you please from one course to another and even get the ‘Guitar Conspiracy 3.0’ completely for free.

You literally have nothing to lose – SIGN UP NOW – You can learn guitar!

Dan (your guitar guru)