Intermediate Library

Acoustic Songs, Barre Chords and Pentatonic Scales!

Welcome to the Intermediate Library.

When you can play what is in these lessons you will have unlocked the guitar fret board.

But you can’t just practice scales and exercises, you have to learn songs to understand how popular music is put together so our motto is:

Don’t just learn the tune – Learn from the tune!

By seeing and playing real songs you can learn about music and the guitar itself.

Blowin In The Wind chordsAcoustic Songs

There are twenty two complete songs to learn here.

American Pie by Don McLean, Angie by The Rolling Stones, Starman by David Bowie, even piano based songs like Empire State Of Mind by Alicia Keys all come with complete video lessons.

You’ll find all the songs when you visit Intermediate Acoustic Songs.

Intermediate Chord ProgressionChord Progression

When you learned all the chords in a key you need to look at all the chords outside the key, also known as the variations.

Pretty much every big hit song written use predictable chord progressions in one key, using just one variation.

Understand these variations and you will have unlocked a big secret to hit writing.

Go to Intermediate Chord Progression.


Can you completely visualize every chord and scale on the fret board?

Chordacus can and if you use it enough, so will you!

This chord and scale finder software will give you any chord, scale and arpeggio in every shape and key.

Go to the Intermediate Chordacus page to find out more about how this software can help you.

E chord shapeChords

On these pages you learn how to turn your open position chords into barre chords.

The biggest misunderstanding when it comes to barre chords is that you have to play the full shape, you don’t.

The intermediate step by step guitar course looks at this in great detail.

To see all possible barre chord shapes, visit Intermediate Chords.

Chromatic Exercise 11Chromatic Exercises

You’ll find both sweeping and speed variations of the Chromatic Exercise here.

In total there are ten new variations to learn, all of them will increase your accuracy and co-ordination.

To see all exercises, complete with video, visit Intermediate Chromatic Exercises.

Connect AConnect Chords

After you transformed all the open position chords into barre chords you have to connect them.

These video lesson show you exactly how to do this in five keys. When you completed these exercises you will have mapped out the fret board.

Visit Connect Chords for video lessons.

Ear Training

During your Beginner Ear Training studies you learned the seven diatonic intervals and how to connect these with a song. It’s now time to learn the remaining five.

You also learn to hear chord progression movement.

All this is done with simple FREE Ear Training Downloads.

Visit Intermediate Ear Training and download both today.

Guitar Course

The Intermediate Guitar Course take everything here in the Intermediate Lesson Library and put them into easy to follow step by step instructions.

Every week you get two new lessons.

Always starting with a song you’ll learn how to read, write and play music on the guitar, not just to repeat a set pattern.

Sign up today and crack the fret board code – You Can Learn Guitar!

Intermediate Strumming 11Rhythmical Exercises

These exercises will teach you how to read rhythm, simply follow the video instructions and play along.

There are thirty examples available. If you take the step by step Intermediate Guitar Course and learn how you could turn thirty into three hundred!

Try them out today by visiting the Intermediate Rhythmical Exercises page.

Minor Pentatonic Cm shapeScales

There are two main scales to learn at Intermediate level, the Minor and Major Pentatonic.

These scales are built from the barre chord shapes and form the foundation upon every other scale you learn.

As well as the pentatonic scales you also learn the Blues and Conspirian scales. Go to Intermediate Scales to find out more.

SWS D MajorSong Writers Swivel

During your beginner studies you learned how to see a chord progression as numbers using the Song Writers Swivel.

At Intermediate we add all the pentatonic scales to this equation and learn how each chord has its own pentatonic scale.

Go to Intermediate Song Writers Swivel to find out more.