Intermediate Guitar

Intermediate Guitar Lessons!

The intermediate guitar lessons can be had as a self study course using eBooks and the lesson library found in the navigation menu above.

Or you could take a step by step course that cover all the acoustic material.

The course is 26 weeks long and by the end of it you will be set up to progress to Advanced Guitar.

The Intermediate Acoustic Guitar Course cover:

  • 22 Acoustic Songs
  • How to play all Barred Chords
  • How to play fractions of barred chords (Intermediate Course only)
  • How to create 2nd guitar parts (Intermediate Course only)
  • How to develop the Chromatic Exercise (Intermediate Course only)
  • Minor Pentatonic scale shapes
  • Major Pentatonic scale shapes
  • How to extend to maj7, dom7 and min7 (Intermediate Course only)
  • How to build and play finger style patterns (Intermediate Course only)
  • How to pick and strum at great speed (Intermediate Course only)
  • How Chord Progressions work

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