Intermediate Acoustic Guitar Course Week 11 Step 3 and 4

Empire State Of Mind M8 + Outro + Chart!

Welcome back, today we finish off our study of ‘Empire State Of Mind’ as we learn the M8 and Outro sections.

We also get a chart to play through the full song.

There is no reason why you can’t try playing this with a pick as well.

Personally I always try all songs both finger style and pick, you never know which is going to be the best way until you’ve tried it.

Week 11 – Step 3 – 15-30 min

The two missing sections are the M8 and the Outro.

Let’s start by looking at the M8 section, here’s the TAB:
Empire State Of Mind M8
As you can see, it’s the same rhythm and picking pattern up til the G#. This rhythm is forward moving and ideal for building tension.

If you play this with a pick, replace the single picked notes on beat two and four with chords.

Outro Chorus

The Outro Chorus use the rhythmical concept of playing the chord first, followed by the bass line.

This was used in ‘Last request’ in week 5 so you are already familiar with this. Just like the M8, this creates a driving rhythm.

The chords all use open strings to blend the sound together. Depending on what chord you play, the two top strings will give you different extensions.

For the A chord we get an add9 extension as the B string is a 9th and the E string is a 5th.

For the E chord, nothing changes, the top two open strings are part of the normal open position E chord.

The B chord has two different variations. The first one is played rooting on fret two. The open strings are the root and the 4th/11th. This gives us a Bsus4. There is no 3rd in this chord.

The second B chord roots on string six. Now we have a 3rd on string three. String two is still the root, top string is still a 4th/11th.

Because we now have a third in the chord we can’t call it sus4 anymore. With a 3rd the chord now has to be called Badd11.
Empire State Of Mind Outro Chorus
Finally, the Aadd9 is played with mutes. Slam the right hand on to the strings hard enough to make a sound. Check the video for exact instructions.

The last time we expect a mute/slap, instead rake the chord gently before ending on an E.

Here’s the video to try both new parts:

Week 11 – Step 4 – 15-30 min

Before we sign off, let’s take a look at the complete chart for this song.

Here it is as a pdf, download and print: Empire State Of Mind in E

This is a big chart over two pages. When you know the picking patterns it might be a good idea to use a smaller chart.

Here’s one you could try: Empire State Of Mind Rhythm Chart

I’ve included all rhythms in that chart, this might still be a bit too much information. Perhaps only the chords are enough.

The simplest way to write this song is to just have the chords, that would look something like this: Empire State Of Mind Chord Chart

Which of these charts do you find easiest to read and use?

Do you need all three to fully understand the song?

Perhaps you should always write several versions of a chart in order to have all the choices.

Use all three and play along with the video. If you want to change the finger style pattern or rhythm, write your own version.


Today we finished off our study of ‘Empire State Of Mind’.

You got TAB details for how the M8 and the Outro Chorus sections are played in the video.

What you heard is just one way to arrange and play this song, perhaps you could come up with your own version?

Building your own arrangements should always be your goal, nothing else will develop you as an acoustic guitarist.

Next week we start working on two new song, both of them use the maj7 chord.

See you then!

Dan (your guitar guru)