Intermediate Acoustic Guitar Course Week 12 Step 3 and 4

Babylon Chords + Strumming Patterns + Full TAB Chart!

Today we sink our teeth into yet another song that has a maj7 chord in its riff.

It’s time to look at David Grey’s ‘Babylon’.

David play with a capo on fret one which can be very awkward on some guitars.

If I played this live I would probably remove the capo and play it in D (if it’s a male singer), or move the capo up the neck to fret 2 or even further (if it’s a female singer).

Either way, you need to play this song with chord shapes from the key of D to make it sound right.

Week 12 – Step 3 – 20-30 min

Let’s start by learning the Intro, Verse, Instrumental and Chorus Tag section, it’s only two bars!

First repeat the I – IV movement, then play IV – II.

Here it is, including the variation of moving down to Em, which only happens once in the song.Babylon Verse
Just like in ‘Fast Car’ we move from maj7 to major and back to maj7, this time it’s in a D shape so you need to use a different finger to operate the flick.

Hammer on and pull off in time to a click as you play the first two bars over and over. Focus on your timing of the flick.


The Chorus is played strumming a set chord progression which only varies in bar four of the loop, like this: D – A – Em.

The fourth chord is varied like this: F#m, G, A and A.

It’s a bit full on to put this in TAB, what strings you play from each chord shape doesn’t have to be set in stone.

Here it is as rhythms, strum bass notes and top part of chord shape as you see fit.Babylon Chorus
When you feel confident, have a play along with the video. Here it is:

Week 12 – Step 4 – 10-20 min

Let’s look at a complete TAB chart for the song.

All strumming details are included here: Babylon TAB Chart

If this is a bit too hectic, try this one, just rhythms and chords: Babylon Chart

Either way, all you really need to do when playing Babylon is to learn the two bar riff and memorize the chord progression for the Chorus.

It’s just a: I – V – II, varied using chord III, IV and V.

Think of it like this: The Chorus variations move up the scale.


Today you learned another maj7 riff in ‘Babylon’. The riff was only two bars and the Chorus is simple strumming.

Did you manage to learn this entire song in under an hour?

If not, there’s always tomorrow, you could just take one of the charts and play along with the video for half an hour or so.

Ultimately, how much time you spend on a song will be down to how badly you want to learn and explore it.

Next week we start asking Angie if she is satisfied or not.

See you then!

Dan (your guitar guru)