Intermediate Acoustic Guitar Course Week 13 Step 3 and 4

Angie Intro + Chart!

Today we finish off our study of ‘Angie’ as we learn the Intro and get a full chart for the song.

The intro is what makes this an Intermediate song, just like ‘A Change Is Gonna Come’ did in week 4.

Let’s get right to it!

Week 13 – Step 3 – 10-15 min

The Intro for Angie is rhythmically pretty tricky, the progression twist and turn, changing chords on syncopated notes. Follow the TAB for details.

The progression moves:

| VI VIm7 VI | IIIx7 IIIx7/#V | Isus2 IVsus4 IV | IV I IIIm7b6/VII |
| Am Am7 Am | E7 E7/G# | Csus2 Fsus4 F | F C Em7b6/B |

Sounds pretty complicated already, right?

The first two bars are simply Am and E7 with some variations. We then get C – F, with sus2 and sus4 colours. The final bar moves from an F to a C to a very odd sounding chord.

The final chord, the Em7b6/B is a twist on what later becomes G/B. Both chords strive towards the first Am of the Verse.

Em7b6/B means just what it says; an Em, change the root to a B. Extend the chord to a m7, finally add a b6.

Here’s the TAB and video:
Angie Intro

Week 13 – Step 4 – 20 min

Let’s take a look a the full song, the order of the sections are a bit tricky.

First time around we play: Verse – Chorus – Chorus Tag. bit confusing as the Chorus Tag are the Verse chords.

Repeat all this again twice, last Verse is just instrumental.

When the instrumental comes back it’s only 4 bars, followed by a chorus, without the tag. This is followed by a M8.

Finally we get an 8 bar Verse, ending on a C chord. Here’s the order:

Intro 4 bars
Verse 8 bars
Chorus 4 bars
Chorus Tag 4 bars

Verse 8 bars
Chorus 4 bars
Chorus Tag 4 bars (whisper)

Verse 8 bars (Instrumental)
Chorus 4 bars
Chorus Tag 4 bars

Verse 4 bars (Short Instrumental)
Chorus 4 bars (no tag)
M8 8 bars
Verse 8 bars (End)

To put all this in a chart require Segno and Coda signs.

The battle is to make it as few bars as possible, without making the Coda signs too complicated.

By listing all sections in order as above you can easily see what part of the chart can be repeated.

With this in mind, here’s the chart: Angie


Today you learned the Intro for ‘Angie’, just like I play it in the video.

Some of the chords sounded complicated, the trick was to see each interval in the chord to understand its name.

Following this we looked at the ever changing structure of the song.

Writing a chart for that kind of shenanigans is not easy, you first need to list all the parts in order to identify when and where it can be repeated.

Next week we start working on another song that has so many chords and sections, writing a chart for it is going to be very challenging!

See you then!

Dan (your guitar guru)