Intermediate Acoustic Guitar Course Week 15 Step 3 and 4

New Chromatic Exercises + Sunny Afternoon Chart!

Today we continue working on the Chromatic Speed Exercises you first tried in week 13.

Now we play three and five sixteenth notes in a row.

We also get a chart for the ‘Sunny Afternoon’.

Week 15 – Step 3 – 20 min

In Chromatic Exercise 9 we play three 16ths and rest for the fourth.

This is similar to Chromatic Exercise 12, although we now rest rather than hold the last note.

Here’s some TAB showing you the difference.
Chromatic Exercise 12 vs 9
The rest need to be clear, you need to mute it at the exact right time.

Mute it by releasing the pressure of your finger on the string, not with your picking hand! Check video for details.

Can you play a long at this speed?

In Chromatic Exercise 10 we play 5 sixteenth, meaning four over one beat, only one over the following beat.

This gives you a long time to rest (3 sixteenths). The will enable you to push the BPM much further than if you played just straight sixteenths as you do in Chromatic exercise 2.

Here’s both exercises in TAB:
Chromatic Exercise 2 VS 10
How far can you push the BPM?

Can you play along with this video?

Week 15 – Step 4 – 15-20 min

Before we sign off today, let’s look at a complete chart for the song you learned a few days ago, download this: Sunny Afternoon

There’s a a coda sign in there. Can you, by listening to the video at the same time, make sense of the chart?

The bass line before the Chorus has been written using normal notation. As you are using a capo the actual notes are different.

This is a good example of how you always need to think of the key as in the shapes you are playing.

It would be crazy to read this in Dm, writing the bass line A – B – C#.

The singer might say, can we pull this down a tone. If you just move the capo two frets and keep thinking in Am, everything is gonna be cool.

If you have to write a new chart, now in Cm, things get so complicated…

Here’s the video, think Am!


Today you learned two new Chromatic Speed Exercises.

If you want proper results you need to practice speed exercises everyday… 10-20 minutes is enough but it has to happen every day if you want to become really fast.

You also got a chart for the song ‘Sunny Afternoon’.

Could you play a long with the video?

Next week we start working on ‘Starman’ by David Bowie, see you then!

Dan (your guitar guru)