Intermediate Acoustic Guitar Course Week 8

Blowin’ In The Wind finger style + New Chromatic Exercise!

Today I give you a complete finger style arrangement for ‘Blowin’ In The Wind’.

There are two main rhythms I use with a few little variations.

Learn it exactly as written before you take the ideas you like, develop them and build your own arrangement.

We also learn a new Chromatic Exercise, this time from the Master Guitar section!

Week 8 – Step 1 – 15-30 min

Here’s what I would play if I arranged ‘Blowin’ In The Wind’ finger style, as a second guitar part (don’t forget to add a capo on fret 2):
Blowin In The Wind Finger Style
Let’s go through the various patterns.

I use the concept of playing 8th notes for beat one and three. The up beat is played using a high note from the chord simultaneously with a lower one, just like Etude #5 did.

This is followed by four 16th notes. I made the pattern sit on lower strings to blend in with the strumming better than if I used higher strings.

Sometimes I don’t play the last 16th, just hold the note before. This happens in bar 4 on beat 4.

To just leave the 8th note ringing calms the pattern down, that’s why I put it there, just before the vocal begin again.

During the Chorus this rhythm appear more frequently.

During the instrumental section, for the C/E I use the reverse pattern of one 8th, two 16ths.

Iin the last bar, I move the pattern up a string and catch the 5th of the C chord (that’s the note G) on string 1.

This finishes off the song and indicates that we have started over again when we go back to bar 1 again.

Work your way through the arrangement and play along with the video. When this is all good, start developing your own arrangement.

Week 8 – Step 2 – 15-30 min

Today we learn another Chromatic Exercise as we study Spyder 32. This exercise actually comes from the Master Guitar section.

As this exercise use a combination of what you did last week in Spyder 11 and 12 I thought it would be great for you to try it out already now.

Here it is in TAB:
Chromatic Exercise 32
And here’s the video to play along with:

Let’s compare these different Chromatic Exercises:

  1. Chromatic Exercise 3
  2. Chromatic Exercise 11
  3. Chromatic Exercise 12
  4. Chromatic Exercise 32

It’s important that you get to know the subtle differences between all these rhythms.

The best way to to this is to practice them individually for a few minutes each, one after another.

Use the links in the list above to hear and see them. Here’s the TAB for all of them (click on image to isolate the picture):

Chromatic Exercise 3
Chromatic Exercise 3
Chromatic Exercise 11
Chromatic Exercise 11 small
Chromatic Exercise 12
Chromatic Exercise 12 small
Chromatic Exercise 32
Chromatic Exercise 32 small
Spend no more than 30 minutes playing around with these different exercises.


Today you learned how to play ‘Blowin’ In The Wind’ using only your fingers.

Following this we compared four different chromatic exercises, all using three notes per beat.

To play these four exercises on a loop, for just two minutes each, would be a great warm up.

Not only for your left hands finger dexterity, but for you rhythm training as well.

In three days time we develop the song ‘Blowin’ In The Wind’ for the last time.

See you then!

Dan (your guitar guru)