Intermediate Acoustic Guitar Course Week 9 Step 3 and 4

Revise Chromatic Exercises + Finger Style Song Charts!

Today we revise all the Chromatic Exercises we’ve practiced in this course.

We also look at all the finger style songs we’ve played and get charts for all of them. Hey There Delilah is now fully transcribed over two pages.

Do you find it easier to read like this or would you prefer just the simple chords, without the TAB?

As always, I reckon the best thing to do is to be able to handle both ways so I’m giving you two charts for this song today.

Let’s get right to it!

Week 9 – Step 3 – 15-30 min

The beginner course dealt with the Chromatic Exercises in more detail and covered Exercise 1-6.

During your Intermediate studies we’ve only looked at two Intermediate Chromatic Exercise in 11 and 12. We then combined them in Exercise 32 as well.

This led us to compare all three with the triplet version you learned in Chromatic Exercise 3.

So let’s revise all four of these and ensure there is a difference in rhythm between all these “three note per beat” exercises.

Here’s Chromatic Exercise 3, this should be the most even rhythm, in TAB we have this:
Chromatic Exercise 3
Here’s the video lesson to play along with:

Here’s Chromatic Exercise 11 in TAB:
Chromatic Exercise 11 small

And here’s the corresponding video lesson:

Here’s Chromatic Exercise 12 in TAB:
Chromatic Exercise 12 small
And here’s the corresponding video lesson:

And finally, all the way from Master level, here’s Chromatic Exercise 32 in TAB:
Chromatic Exercise 32 small
And here’s the corresponding video lesson:

Week 9 – Step 4 – 40 min

Let’s look over all the finger style songs you’ve learned so far.

First up was ‘Last Request’ by Paolo Nutini which had the slightly odd way of playing the chord first, on the beat, followed by the bass note on the up beat.

Hopefully this turned what you were used to on its head and got you fine tuning your finger style technique.

Here’s the TAB in pdf format for you to download and print: Last Request

And here’s the video to play along with:

Following ‘Last Request’ we turned the pattern back to where it usually is, bass note on the down beat followed by chord on the up beat.

We did this in ‘Hey There Delilah’ and played in the key of D, this gave us a few barred chords.

Here’s a new TAB chart for the song (it’s two pages): Hey There Delilah

If you prefer just reading the chords, here’s a chart for that: Hey There Delilah no TAB

And here’s the video:

After these two finger style songs we worked on ‘Blowin’ In The Wind’ for two weeks. One of the steps had a finger style version of the song.

Here’s the TAB again: Blowin In The Wind Finger Style

And here’s the video to play along with:


Today we revised the Chromatic Exercises and all the finger style songs you played over the last eight weeks.

Next week it’s back to learning new songs again when we start looking at ‘Mad World’. This is a guitar arrangement based on what a single piano did on the original recording.

As I play the Intro up the neck we will also have to learn how to play minor and major pentatonic shapes without any open strings.

See you then!

Dan (your guitar guru)