2 Chord Loops


2 Chord Loops - Intro

electric guruThe DNA of a chord progression!

Find the 2 Chord Loops Intro below.

I – II

I - II Chord Loop

The I - II movement!

Go to I - II Chord Loop.


I - III Chord Loop

The I - III movement!

Go to I - III Chord Loop.

I – IV

I - IV Chord Loop

The I - IV movement!

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I – VI

I - VI Chord Loop

The I - VI movement!

Go to I - VI Chord Loop.


II - III Chord Loop

The II - III movement!

Go to II - III Chord Loop.

II – V

II - V Chord Loop

The II - V movement!

Go to II - V Chord Loop.


III - IV Chord Loop

The III - IV movement!

Go to III - IV Chord Loop.

IV – V and VI – II

Blues Jam Tracks GuruUnderstand the DNA of any chord progression!

These intermediate lessons focus on the possible movements inside a key.

Some of these movements are unique, others happen several times.

Use these Jam Tracks as a challenge to see if you:

1. Know all your pentatonic shapes in all keys.

2. Can find the intervals inside the shapes.

Why 2 chord loops?

In contrast to Blues Jam Tracks, these 2 chord loops aim to solely get you playing melodically and modally.

Instead of thinking of modes as a bunch of notes we instead approach them as a movement in relation to its number.

This ensure you are moving with the music and seeing, for example the E chord shape and E major pentatonic shape as an extension of that shape.

If you can do this, adding the extra notes the mode has will not just be easy, it will make sense!

2 Chord Loops video lessons

The video lessons present a series of challenges where you take one idea and then apply it all over the neck.

Some of these are easy, some pretty tricky.

Using the eBook that comes with the 2 Chord Loops you can see the full notation of what is played in these video lessons.

When you can play what is in the video; come up with your own ideas!

By practicing this way you will learn how to improvise.

2 Chord Loops