2 Chord Loops III – IV


2 Chord Loops - Intro

electric guruThe DNA of a chord progression!

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I – II

I - II Chord Loop

The I - II movement!

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I - III Chord Loop

The I - III movement!

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I – IV

I - IV Chord Loop

The I - IV movement!

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I – VI

I - VI Chord Loop

The I - VI movement!

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II - III Chord Loop

The II - III movement!

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II – V

II - V Chord Loop

The II - V movement!

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III - IV Chord Loop

The III - IV movement!

Find the III - IV Chord Loop below.

IV – V and VI – II

Blues Jam Tracks GuruThe III – IV movement!

The slightly creepy sound of the III – IV movement is examined in this video lesson using the chords F and Gb.

Just like in the II – V and I – II movement we get lots of new notes as we pair the two pentatonic scales.

Play the two chords using closest possible shape paired with each minor pentatonic and major pentatonic scale to see this happen on the fretboard.

As always, it’s the shapes that matters, not the key.

When you feel ready; try playing the licks as in the video guitar lesson.

Change key!

To get to the point of seeing the intervals of the chord that is being played you need to take the loop for a walk around as many keys as possible.

Use the 2 Chord Loops, always exploring the full neck to achieve this.

This will ensure that you see shapes and intervals connecting rather than using other reference points such as fret numbers or dots on the guitar neck.

2 Chord Loops