Learn how to play 1234 on one acoustic guitar!

‘1234’ is a single from Feist which came to fame through an early iPod ad.

This arrangement uses a drop D tuning. Because of this, chords played from string six must be fretted differently.

The video lesson is a simple arrangement of how this song could be played on just one guitar. If you want to learn more about arranging using open tunings, take the intermediate course.

Chord progression

‘1234’ is played in drop D tuning, this means that you lower the 6th string from an E to a D.

These are the chords for the intro/verse/outro sections:

| D D/C# | Bm G |

The bridge is almost identical, only changing one chord, goes like this:

| D A/E | Bm G |

The chorus is even simpler, moving only between chord V and IV, like this:

| A | G |

Because of the drop D tuning, we need to alter the way we fret a G chord, the root will be on fret five, rather than three.

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Drop D tuning

As the 6th string has been lowered to a D, all chord shapes using this string will have to be modified.

Simply raise whatever you were going to do with two frets:

G chord verse/bridge – The root is on fret five rather than three. This means you can barre it from the root up to string four, using just one finger.

This creates a thick sounding chord which works well with both D and D/C# as well as D and A/E.

G chord chorus – During the chorus, the G chord looks more like an open position G. Mute the 5th string, root on fret five, string six.

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