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Angie chordsLearn how to play Angie!

Angie is an Aeolian sounding composition with a chord progression that appear in an unusual order.

Angie’s chords mainly focus on the V and IIIx chord.

-Where does the V and IIIx chords lead us from here?

Back to the VI chord, that’s where!

Throughout, the harmonic language of Angie’s chords is hugely drawing on the dominant idea of: Let’s go back to chord I or VI.

Angie chords

Chord Progression

The E chord in Angie is a III chord made into a IIIx, the scale therefore moves from being Phrygian, into being Phrygian Dominant.

The effect of such a change is that the major third is now only a semitone away from chord VI’s root.

The tension increase and we feel as if we really want to move back to chord VI.

The IV to V movement

Chord IV is as far away from chord I as we can be, to move from this to V increase the draw towards I or VI.

Angie use this movement repeatedly.

Using the concept of numbering the chords, attempt to pair every number with a sound.

When the connection has been established between the roman numerals and a sound that you can describe to yourself; aim to predict the next chord by focusing on the vocal melody.

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