Beautiful Chords

Beautiful chords

Learn how to play Beautiful on one acoustic guitar!

‘Beautiful’ is a single from Christina Aguilera.

Originally performed on the piano it would have been tempting to use a capo when arranging it on one acoustic since the song use chords like Eb, Ab and Fm.

Instead, for ‘Beautiful’ we use only barre chords through out which does make it difficult for the fretting hand.

Some relief happen over the Eb which in a C shape can use the open G string. This doesn’t give the chord any strange extensions as it’s just the third of the chord.

Beautiful chord progression

The chords could be seen as if played in either the key of Eb or Ab.

Depending on which you choose the chord numbers will be different. We look further into this when you take the full course.

Once translated to letters, this is what the chords become for the Intro/Verse/Instrumental/M8/Outro sections:

| Eb | Db | Cm | B |

The Chorus start on chord I should you think of it as in Ab or chord IV if it’s in Eb, what do you think it sounds like?

| Ab | Fm | Eb Db | Cm | x2
| Fm |

Take the full Intermediate Guitar Course and you’ll learn more about how to view this progression. There’s also complete TAB for exactly how it’s played in the video lesson.

Beautiful chord shapes

It’s tricky to fret chords in keys such as Eb and Ab when you don’t play with a capo. All chords will be barre chords.

To get some relief I use a C shaped Eb chord. Because the chord Eb has a G inside it we can use the open G string. I also add the little finger on string 1. This adds a 5th to the top of chord.

For the B chord I use the open B string, since it’s played in an A shape we loose the ability to make it a minor or major chord. It becomes just a 5 chord (a chord with no third).

During the middle 8 a new B chord shape is introduced, this time it’s in an E shape, we still use the open B but now have a third on the third string. The top open E string makes the B a Badd11.