Dreadlock Holiday Chords

Learn how to play Dreadlock Holiday on one guitar!

‘Dreadlock Holiday’ is  single from 70s Prog/Rock/Poppers 10cc.

The song has been adapted into a one guitar arrangement by using capo on fret three.

This way you can play as if in Em, using open strings and chords in combination with bass lines.

Very similar to how ‘I Shot The Sheriff‘ was arranged.

Dreadlock Holiday chord progression (capo fret three)

These are the chords fro ‘Dreadlock Holiday’ as if played with a capo on fret 3:

Key of GIntro

| Em D | C | x2
| Em | Am Am7 | x4


| Em | Am | repeat
| Em D | Am | x2


| Em D | C | Am Bm7 | C D | x2

Chorus Tag

| G | x4
| Em D | Am Am7 | x2

Verse/Bridge after key change

| Em | Am(7) | repeat
| Em D | C | x2

Outro Chorus

| Em D | Am Am7 | repeat

Adjust the capo up or down the neck to find what key suits your singer.

Dreadlock Holiday Original key no capo

Dealing with key changes a semitone up is always gonna be awkward for a guitarist. The Glider Capo might be the only real practical solution to this problem.

Without a capo, these are the chords, you’d need to pretty much barre’ everything:


| Gm F | Eb | x2
| Gm | Cm Cm7 | x4


| Gm | Cm | repeat
| Gm F | Cm | x2


| Gm F | Eb | Cm Dm7 | Eb F | x2

Chorus Tag

| Bb | x4
| Gm F | Cm Cm7 | x2

Key of BVerse/Bridge after key change

| G#m | C#m(7) | repeat
| G#m F# | E | x2

Chorus after key change

| G#m F# | E | C#m D#m7 | E F# | x2

Chorus Tag after key change

| B | x4
| G#m F# | C#m C#m7 | repeat

If you understand this chord progression as numbers, you could easily create licks and build second guitar parts.

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