I’m Yours Chords

Learn how to play I’m Yours on one acoustic guitar!

‘I’m Yours’ is a single by Jason Mraz, originally appearing on a live EP in 2005 it was rerecorded for the 2008 album ‘We Sing , We Dance, We Steal Things and became a huge hit.

Spy Tunes one guitar version of ‘I’m Your’ was actually recorded before Mraz officially released it and based on the original live version.

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I’m Your chord progression

‘I’m Yours’ is in the unusual key of B, I’ve placed a capo on fret 2 to reach some open A and E chords although most of the song is played as barre chords high up the neck

Because of this I think of it as in B still and have provided the chords for the song in the original key.

The Verse/Chorus  section is simple with it’s very common I – V – VI – IV progression. This is possibly the most common song for big hits.

| B | F#/A# | G#m | E |

A few licks are incorporated in the arrangement, these could be seen as chord extensions, if included you’d get this:

B B6 | F#/A# F#add9 | G#m | E Emaj7 |

This progression only change once and that is for the M8 section, goes like this:

| B F#/A# | G#m F# | E | C# |

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Playing fractions of chords

In ‘I’m Yours’ you don’t play full barre chord shapes, only fractions are used over no more than three strings at a time.

As we’re in the key of B this can be difficult to visualise on the fretboard at first.

Most great guitar parts only use fractions of a barre chord shape like this so it would be a great idea to practice all shapes in all keys to really get to know them

When you take the Intermediate Guitar Course we start by learning all shapes all over the neck in small fractions, just like you do when you play ‘I’m Yours’.

In fact, this is what the course start off with, closely followed by playing I’m Yours, just like in the video but also in other areas of the neck.