Kiss Me Chords

Kiss Me chords lesson

Learn how to play Kiss Me on one acoustic guitar!

‘Kiss Me’ is a single from one hit wonder 90s band Sixpence None The Richer.

Using only one chord for the Verse only chnaging in extensions, paired with a repetitive rhythm ‘Kiss Me’ builds great tension to release its sugar sweet Chorus.

You get a full chord progression analysis, complete with TAB of everything that happens in the video lesson when you take the Intermediate Guitar Course.

Kiss Me chord progression

As a capo is used in this song to get the correct chord shapes, what you hear is in the key of Eb, although you wanna think of it as if in the key of C.

The Intro/Verse/Instrumental/Outro section stays on a C but change extensions. To take us to the Chorus a slash chord is used in F/C.

| C | Cmaj7 | C7 | Cmaj7 |
| C | Cmaj7 | C7 | F/C |

The Chorus take off harmonically by starting on chord II, then predictably moving V – I – VI. Following this it gets more adventurous.

| Dm G | C Am | Dm G | C C7 | Dm G |
| C G/B | Am G | F/C Fadd9/C | Gsus4 G |

There’s also another Instrumental section in the song, I’ll tell you more about that when you take the course.

Kiss Me strumming pattern

The strumming pattern is extremely repetitive, apart from in the very first bar where it is different just this once.

Pair this with the C chords on a loop and what you get is a meditative guitar part.

It doesn’t actually change at all until the Chorus. Here it is broken up, having less strums over beat one.

This paired with the chords finally going somewhere creates a release that sets off the Chorus.

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