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Blues Jam Tracks - Intro

electric guruLearn how to improvise over a Blues!

Find the Intermediate Blues Jam Tracks Intro below.

12 Bar Blues

12 Bar Blues

Learn how to improvise over a 12 Bar Blues!

Go to 12 Bar Blues.

Change Key

Change Key

Change Key for Self-Elimination!

Go to Change Key.

Quick Change

Quick Change

Learn how to Improvise over a Quick Change!

Go to Quick Change.

No Rhythm Guitar

No Rhythm Guitar

Learn how to improvise with your pentatonic scales!

Go to No Rhythm Guitar.

Jazz Blues

Jazz Blues

Learn how to play over Jazz Blues using a blanket scale!

Go to Blues Jam Tracks Jazz Blues.

Video Lessons

Step by step Video Lessons

electric guruStep by step instructions!

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Advanced Blues

Advanced Blues Jam Tracks

electric guruLearn how to play modes over a Blues!

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Blues Jam Tracks GuruLearn how to improvise over a Blues!

The purpose of these Blues Jam Tracks is for you to test your scale knowledge.

Every Blues bundle contains 25 tracks that are loop-able.

Turn every bundle into a play list in iTunes, follow the routine below for each scale you want to practice.

4 Steps to mastering scales using Jam Tracks

Step 1

Start at the lowest possible area of the neck and play through a chorus.

Every time the chord changes, you change scale. This would be either a minor pentatonic or a major pentatonic scale.

It’s very important that you don’t move around the neck at this stage, keep on going until you really do nail it.

When you can solo with the three scales in the first area of the fretboard, move up to the next and find all three scales there.

Repeat the process until all 5 areas of the neck are all good.

Step 2

Now do this in 5 more keys: A, D, G C and F as well (included in the bundle).

Step 3

Start combining the keys. E to A, A to D etc.

Use the same technique as in step 1 and 2 to complete step 3.

Step 4

The final test is to play in all areas of the neck over track 18 and 24 in the bundle.

Get Spy Tunes Blues Jam Tracks and start practicing today.

Blues Jam Tracks