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Learn how to play Crossroads!

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In The Style Of

In The Style Of Crossroads

Learn how to play in the style of Eric Clapton!

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Eric Clapton Biography

The most successful guitarist of all time!

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Crossroads Blues Legacy Guitar LessonHow to play Crossroads!

To achieve the famous Woman tone Clapton had in the famous Crossroads solo you need a Les Paul style guitar with the tone rolled back almost all the way.

The licks are a combination of minor and major pentatonic licks in A which need to be fluent and on the beat, rather than relaxed and behind.

Study the video and the transcription in the Blues Legacy to learn how to play in the style of Eric Clapton.

Crossroads 2nd solo

After the first pretty remarkable solo, Clapton move up an octave to further increase the intensity.

In this register unison bends are very efficient, get all of them with full transcription and video lesson in the Blues Legacy!

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