Chord Progression


Chord Progression - Intro

The variations are as common as the diatonic chords!

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Blues Progression

Blues Chord Progression

The Blues created the variations!

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Minor Over Major

Play Minor over Major

Learn how to play minor over major chords!

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Chord IIx

Chord IIx

IIx leads to the V chord!

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Chord IIIx

Chord IIIx

The most common variation!

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Chord bIIIx

Chord bIIIx

Create extreme tension!

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Chord IVm

Chord IVm

The secret weapon of many hits!

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Chord VIx

Chord VIx

Get the surprise effect with VIx!

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Chord bVIIx

Chord bVIIx

More common than the VII chord!

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Understand music by understanding chord progressions!

Popular music, especially composed on the guitar, is mainly created by musicians who are not big on music theory.

Instead the approach is often, if it sounds cool it’s right.

Because of this we have a musical culture that, through evolution, has created variations to a chord progression we today experience as normal.

In beginner chord progression we learned about diatonic chord progressions (chords built off the major scale). It’s now time to study the most common variations.

The standard diatonic progressions paired with the most common variations like IVm, IIIx and bVII is what makes up the chord progressions of popular music.

As well as these variations there is another, very common variation where we move between minor and major temporarily by using dom7 chords. This variation comes from The Blues.