Chord bIIIx


Chord Progression - Intro

The variations are as common as the diatonic chords!

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Blues Progression

Blues Chord Progression

The Blues created the variations!

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Minor Over Major

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Learn how to play minor over major chords!

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Chord IIx

Chord IIx

IIx leads to the V chord!

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Chord IIIx

Chord IIIx

The most common variation!

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Chord bIIIx

Chord bIIIx

Create extreme tension!

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Chord IVm

Chord IVm

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Chord VIx

Chord VIx

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Chord bVIIx

Chord bVIIx

More common than the VII chord!

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Chord bIIIx, the angry version of IIIx!

If you change your III chord into a major chord and then flatten it a semitone you get your bIIIx chord.

This chord holds extreme tension since most notes inside it is outside of the major or minor scale.

Let’s look at the notes in C major:

C – D – E – F – G – A – B

The III chord is an Em (E – G – B), the bIIIx7, an Eb7 chord has the notes Eb – G – Bb – Db.

Only the G is still a part of the original major scale.

Chord bIIIx in songs

You can find it in these intermediate, advanced and master acoustic songs.

  • Beautiful, if seen as in the key of Ab, the last chord of the verse is bIIIx
  • I Can’t Stand The Rain, the third chord of the chorus is a bIIIx
  • Starman, very briefly at the end of the verse we find a bIIIx
  • Blackbird, in the chorus you could find a bIIIx although it is probably a key change
  • Take Me To The River, the bridge has a bIIIx chord
  • Tenderness, has a bIIIx with and without bass note variation

Perhaps a little complicated theoretically but at least it’s easy to spot when the bIIIx enters a song, extreme tension!

My favorite example of bIIIx happens in the third chord played in Smells Like Teen Spirit, so let’s hand over to Kurt and the boys for some bIIIx action!