Chromatic Exercises


Chromatic Exercises - Intro

Sweeping, Speed and Rhythm breathes life into the Chromatic Exercises!

Find the Intermediate Chromatic Exercises Intro below.

Spyder 4-6

Spyder 4-6

Improve movement between strings!

Go to Sweeping Spyders 4-6.

Spyder 7-10

Spyder 7-10

Speed Exercises!

Go to Chromatic Speed Exercises 7-10


Spyder 11-14

Spyder 11-14

Put some rhythm in your Chromatic Exercise!

Go to Rhythmical Spyders 11-14.

Advanced Spyders

Advanced Spyders

More Rhythms, Speed and Accuracy!

Go to Advanced Chromatic Exercises.

Chromatic exercise Guitar Conspiracy lesson

Practice the chromatic exercise with rhythms!

Here at Intermediate Chromatic Exercises we’re gonna learn 11 more exercises based on the chromatic concept.

Some of these use a sweeping technique over several strings, others focus on speed.

In order for you to get the most out of the Spyders, make sure you are ticking these boxes:

  1. Always practice to a metronome
  2. Start slowly, increase BPM with no more than 4 BPM at a time
  3. Stop if it hurts
  4. If you can’t play a Spyder with accuracy you are pushing the BPM too much

To learn more about the chromatic exercise and rudiments, take the Intermediate Guitar Course.