Intermediate Ear Training

Recognize chromatic intervals and chords!

At Intermediate Ear Training you get all chromatic intervals and start predicting chord movements.

Both intervals and chords are essential to not just see on the fretboard, but also to hear as a sound.

Aim to find a description for each sound that suits you.

Ear Training Intervals, Free Download

Download the free attachment and add to your mp3 library as an album.

Using your mp3 player in shuffle mode, sing the song you think is corresponding to the interval before the voice reveals the answer.

Song references for Chromatic Ear Training

b2 – Jaws
2 – Happy Birthday
m3 – Georgia
3 – Oh When The Saints
4 – Here Comes The Bride
#4 – Maria (West Side Story)
5 – Twinkle Twinkle
b6 – Moondance (Bridge section)
6 – My Way
b7 – Somewhere (West Side Story)
7 – Superman Theme
Octave – Over The Rainbow

When you get this right in every session you know your intervals.

Ear Training Chord Progression, Free Download

Just as you can name intervals after the numbers 1-7, so is it possible to do with chords.

This is a much more important skill to acquire, if you can hear what chord III, for example, sounds like, you will have a huge advantage.

All chords in the key of G are included in the bundle, in shuffle mode on your mp3 player, call out the number of the chord before the voice reveals it.

Download the free attachment and add to your mp3 library as an album, aim to have a session per day, preferably using headphones.

Take the Intermediate Guitar Course and find out what to do with this new found knowledge.