Intermediate Finger Style Songs

Intermediate Guru

Learn how to play Finger Style Guitar!

These intermediate songs are all one acoustic guitar finger style arrangements.

It is not necessary to play these arrangements exactly as in the video lessons, you can simplify them or make them more intricate.

The songs here at Intermediate Guitar are all pretty simple and straight forward for the right hand.

Focus on getting the repetitive patterns as natural sounding and relaxed as possible.

The Intermediate Guitar Course will work on your right hands finger style technique using both exercises and song examples.

To preview the songs you’ll learn in the course, check them out below.

Empire State Of Mind Guitar LessonEmpire State Of Mind

Originally a song performed on piano, Empire State Of Mind can be tuned into a guitar arrangement by using big chords.

By using long notes and ripples for most of the arrangement we get a lift when the middle 8 section is played in a claw comp style.

Go to video lesson: Empire State Of Mind Finger Style Guitar Lesson

Fast Car Guitar LessonFast Car

The looped finger style pattern become very meditative as the first Verses last for so long.

For the chorus you need to strum the chords, this can be tricky when without a pick in hand…

Go to video lesson: Fast Car Finger Style Guitar Lesson

Hey There Delilah Guitar LessonHey There Delilah

The picking pattern for Hey There Delilah is simple and break little new ground, it is the chord inversions that make it sound new.

If this song had been played without capo using C and Em, the song may have sounded too standard.

Go to video lesson: Hey There Delilah Finger Style Guitar Lesson

Last Request Guitar LessonLast Request

This one guitar arrangement of Paolo Nutini’s early hit ‘Last Request’ use both finger picking and finger struming.

Gently the arrangement is built towards the U2 inspired big Chorus Outro.

Go to video lesson: Last Request Finger Style Guitar Lesson

The Scientist Guitar LessonThe Scientist

The Scientist is another piano song adapted for guitar. This time we detune the guitar and by doing so achieve new sounding chord shapes.

many guitar players get hooked on detuning as it so quickly make you sound different.

Go to video lesson: The Scientist Finger Style Guitar Lesson

To learn these songs and more importantly learn from them, take the Intermediate Guitar Course where no detail is over looked.