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Go Beyond Just Memorising Songs by Discovering How to Speak the Language of Music…

Teaching guitar and writing guitar courses for almost twenty years I’ve come across thousands of intermediate guitar players, almost all of them seem to be on the same path.

I’ve found that the intermediate guitarist can play some songs, they’ve memorised a bunch of chords and two or three pentatonic scale shapes.

The good news is that this relatively simple knowledge is actually enough to get you playing in your first band.

It’s plenty of knowledge to keep you going as well, you don’t even need a guitar teacher, the internet has plenty of TAB…

I’ve seen players go on for decades like this. Just keep memorising more songs, licks and chords.

The tools mostly used and available to “learn” like this are TAB and, these days, video demonstrations on YouTube.

Quote beginner course opt inBut how many songs can you memorise?

How many solos can you prepare in your own time using the few scale shapes you know?

There literally are millions of guitar players out there who just keep memorising songs, licks and chords like this using TAB.

If you choose this path you certainly won’t be the only one.

The bad news is that it doesn’t take long before problems start to crop up, for example:

  • What happens on the day you just can’t remember a song you once memorised?
  • What happens when a singer asks you to play a song in a different key?
  • What happens when the singer turns around, points at you and shouts: solo!

To deal with situations like this, playing the guitar by muscle memory isn’t enough anymore. You have to understand music as well.

It’s the understanding of how chords, progressions, scales and arpeggios work together to harmonically shape a song that will enable you to cope with any of the above scenarios, and do it with a smile on your face!

In this video I demonstrate what happens when you play a song understanding how the chords and pentatonic scales work together, just like Jimi Hendrix did.

Do I really have to practice scales?

To play like I do in the video there is no hiding, you’re gonna have to practice some scales.

You may think that practicing scale shapes and learning music theory doesn’t sound like much fun and you’d be right!

Just practicing scales and learning traditional music theory isn’t fun and it won’t get you anywhere either…

As you may or may not know, popular music is based on the blues, which breaks all of the harmonic rules, all of the time.

Consequentially, traditional classic music theory isn’t actually going to help much if you want to play modern songs on the guitar.

In fact, to pair traditional music theory with blues, soul or folk music won’t make much sense at all!

This is why so many guitar players that start looking at music theory and practice random scales give up.

It just won’t make any sense.

A Complete Understanding

The solution is to look at real songs, songs that made it, songs we are singing years after they were in the charts. Songs that are so brilliant we call them tunes.

You know what I mean, without the production, without the fancy string arrangement, when you bring it back down to just one acoustic guitar and vocal.

If the song works in this format, it’s a great song.

To find out how a great song is put together you need to be able to answer questions like this:

  • What actually happens in the chord progression?
  • What makes the bridge fit with the chorus?
  • What scales are used for the vocal melody?
  • What rhythmic repetition in the vocal melody makes it catchy?
  • What strumming pattern make the arrangement work and why?
  • How do you change the arrangement when playing finger style instead of using a pick?

All this is what you will discover when you take the Intermediate Guitar Course from Spy Tunes.

We start with a famous song, we look at how it is constructed, we look at each guitar part in great detail using full TAB, with rhythms.

Quote advanced course opt inWe look at every single chord and extension, every chord progression.

We don’t just learn the tune, we learn from the tune!

There are 23 songs to play in this course, all of them have been stripped back to just one acoustic guitar and one vocal.

Your will learn how to play these songs note for note, even memorise them but more importantly, you will learn from them.

To understand and arrange a song you have to also:

  • Be able to build any barre chord
  • Play all pentatonic scales and pair them with chord shapes
  • Extend the barre chord shapes to min7, dom7 and maj7
  • Start seeing chords like Am and C as numbers in relation to a key centre

Take the Intermediate Guitar Course and all this will be given to you in simple step by step instructions.

The chord extensions, progressions and exercises will always be in direct link with the song we work on so you’ll never practice a scale wondering why you’re doing it.

By approaching the guitar like this you will not just be able to arrange famous songs, you’ll tap into how to write songs and guitar parts as well.

By understanding the language of music you can communicate and improvise with other musicians, effectively speaking the language of music.

Twice a week you get a new lesson. A lesson lasts up to one hour, there is no homework to be done in between these lessons.

All you have to do is follow each step and you too can improvise solos on the spot, arrange a song for just one guitar or even write guitar parts for your own band.

The sky really is the limit when you tap into how music and the guitar actually work, when you start to speak the language of music.

Your Intermediate Guitar Course will be delivered via email twice a week for six months!