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Just like with the beginner rhythm guitar songs, we are dealing with one acoustic guitar arrangements played with a flat pick here.

At first glance these songs may seem as simple as the beginner songs, you will soon however find that when you start involving barre chords in an arrangement, loads of things happen to the right hand.

Damping strings for example can now be done with the left hand, enabling the right hand to be more percussive.

Check I’m Yours, Dreadlock Holiday and 1234 to see how the left and right hand work together to mute chords.

1234 Guitar Lesson1234

1234 by Feist became famous after a great video shot completely without cuts and an iPod nano ad.

The guitar has been tuned to a drop D tuning in order to catch the low D and give the arrangement a big low end.

Go to Video Lesson: 1234

A Change Is Gonna Come Guitar LessonA Change Is Gonna Come

Sam Cooke’s classic A Change Is Gonna Come was written in response to Bob Dylan’s Blowin In The Wind.

The lyrics deal with american race issues and was used as late as in President Obamas election campaign.

Go to Video Lesson: A Change Is Gonna Come

American Pie Guitar LessonAmerican Pie

The epic American Pie was Don McLean’s first and by far biggest single. The song has actually sustained his entire career ever since!

The lyrics tell a long and intricate story about popular culture in the 20th century.

Go to Video Lesson: American Pie

Angie Guitar LessonAngie

Rolling Stones Angie is a classic ballad that use every trick in the acoustic rock n roll book.

Constantly playing on the movement towards Am, the strumming part is kept as simple as possible.

Go to Video Lesson: Angie

Babylon Guitar LessonBabylon

David Grey released Babylon after years as a struggling singer Songwriter in London.

The home made album hit the big time and David’s life changed forever, it all started with one acoustic guitar…

Go to Video Lesson: Babylon

Beautiful Guitar LessonBeautiful

Christina Aguilera didn’t actually write Beautiful, she certainly sang her heart out though!

To recreate this bombastic pop hit on just one guitar in a difficult key a combination of picking and strumming is used.

Go to Video Lesson: Beautiful

Blowin In The Wind Guitar LessonBlowin’ In The Wind

Bob Dylan’s breakthrough song is in this video lesson played like the original.

Using a capo on fret two we can play as if in the key of C and apply an extremely repetitive strumming pattern.

Go to Video Lesson: Blowin’ In The Wind

Breakfast At Tiffany's Guitar LessonBreakfast At Tiffany’s

Seemingly a simple song, Breakfast At Tifffany’s is actually one of the most difficult songs in the Intermediate course.

To play this well you need great speed in your picking hand, practicing chromatic exercises is vital to pull this off.

Go to Video Lesson: Breakfast At Tiffany’s

Dreadlock Holiday Guitar LessonDreadlock Holiday

This pop reggae tune from British 10cc is played with a capo, as the sing modulate a semitone up, the capo has to move!

Originally a full band song this wasn’t easy to arrange on just one guitar, both picking, strumming and muting has to be done well to sound good.

Go to Video Lesson: Dreadlock Holiday

I Can't Stand The Rain Guitar LessonI Can’t Stand The Rain

Ann Peebles awesome blues riff paired with soul chords has been covered by many legends since her original release.

This is one of those songs that everybody knows but no one expects, great addition to any repertoire.

Go to Video Lesson: I Can’t Stand The Rain

I'm Yours Guitar LessonI’m Yours

Our version of I’m Yours was recorded and released years before the original release.

Using teh original demo that was leaked by fans and live recordings we knew that one day this was gonna be a hit, it was in the end.

Go to Video Lesson: I’m Yours

Kiss Me Guitar LessonKiss Me

Sixpence None The Richer, a one hit wonder american band hit gold when they penned this world wide hit.

Using acoustic guitar in the original recording this wasn’t difficult to arrange, most likely it was written on an acoustic to begin with.

Go to Video Lesson: Kiss Me

Mad World Guitar LessonMad World

Mad World was written by Tears For Fears and then covered by Gary Jules years later.

The latter became a Christams #1 in the U.K, played on a single piano this has been rearranged by Spy Tunes for just one guitar.

Go to Video Lesson: Mad World

Red Guitar LessonRed

Daniel Merriweather is one of the less famous singers legendary Mark Ronson has worked with.

His biggest claim to fame is this song, Red. Originally a huge production it has here been arranged for just one guitar using lots of open strings.

Go to Video Lesson: Red

Starman Guitar LessonStarman

David Bowie’s classic Starman has open strings and unique chord names all over it.

Even an open Gm shape is used in our arrangement. The strumming is complex so this close up video lesson will really help!

Go to Video Lesson: Starman

Sunny Afternoon Guitar LessonSunny Afternoon

The Kinks Sunny Afternoon move from Am to A between Verse and Chorus.

The strumming change as well. The video lesson give you all the details to understand this arrangement.

Go to Video Lesson: Sunny Afternoon

Whistle For The Choir Guitar LessonWhistle For The Choir

Whistle For The Choir has been played in two different keys.

It would be easy to think that all that change is the chords when you change key but this effects the strumming as well.

Go to Video Lesson: Whistle For The Choir

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