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Learn how to play Babylon on one Acoustic Guitar!

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David Gray

David Gray

David Gray found his White Ladder in the end!

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Learn how to strum Babylon!

Depending on how many other musicians you play Babylon with, you might wanna alter your strumming pattern.

Should it be just to play as a one guitar arrangement then we need to look at every single strum, and justify its place.

The original recording of Babylon is heavily relying on the drum beat, without it the strumming pattern becomes more important.

Compare the original recording to Spy Tunes one guitar arrangement for similarities and differences.

Notice how the intro is played slightly more loose than when the verse starts.

Rhythm Guitar Video Lesson

A repetitive and more “perfect part” is very important when playing a loop like this during a verse.

In order to make the part feel more alive, save the variations for in between vocal melodies.

Possibly the combination between plucking the strings and strumming them consistently, with good projection, is the most difficult technique to master when playing Babylon.

Pay attention to how well you play it every time you play it, and strive to do it better than last time.

This approach works wonders for simple guitar parts like the one i Babylon.

All you do is focus on the details, the rest will resolve itself, don’t plan; just focus.

The serious guitarist loop the riff using a metronome to check that there is no inconsistency in tempo when playing loop patterns.