Intermediate Songwriters Swivel

See the cycle of 4th, 5th, key signatures, parallel minors and roman numerals!

The SWS takes you around the cycle of 4th (moving anti-clockwise) as well as the cycle of 5th (moving clockwise).

Should you start in C, then all keys moving clockwise increase with one ‘#’ at a time. Similarly, should you move anti-clockwise, you add another ‘b’ for each new key.

The inner circle of chords display the parallel minors, the middle circle display the major chords (I IV and V).

Musical harmony is all about understanding all these layers individually, as well as how they interact with each other.

Use the swivel to find what chords belong to what key.

Take the guitar course to see the full picture!

The intermediate guitar course has the full story. In the course, we discover how all chords can have a pentatonic shape paired with each chord.

The SWS can with this in mind be expanded from displaying just the key and each chords number to what pentatonic scale can be used as well.

In order to use this concept successfully, you must be able to play all these pentatonic scales in any shape and andy key.

Here’s a flow chart of how you can add the pentatonic scales to the chords of the key.

ChordMajorMinorMinorMajorMajorMinorIgnore for now
ScaleMaj PentMin PentMin PentMaj PentMaj PentMin PentIgnore for now