Acoustic Songs

Angel Eyes

Angel Eyes

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Arthur’s Theme

Arthur's Theme

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Dream A Little Dream

Dream A Little Dream Of Me

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I Wish

I Wish

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Why Don’t You Do Right

Why Don't You Do Right?

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Beginner Acoustic Songs

Beginner Acoustic Songs

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Intermediate Acoustic Songs

Intermediate Acoustic Songs

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Advanced Acoustic Songs

Advanced Acoustic Songs

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Master Acoustic Guitar Songs!

Master guitar songs use advanced chords, bass lines and solos.

Take your time with these songs, some of them are a huge sound scape of chord progressions, key changes and modes.

It is not necessary to copy the arrangement in the video guitar lesson, instead aim to understand the song.

Use the modes and arpeggios you’ve learned and improvise with the arrangement. If you can come up with your own version as well, then that is the best way.

Master Guitar Lesson Chords

Adapt dynamics, play a chord in a different position, change between finger style and pick, keep the arrangement evolving by changing it a little every time you play it.

The moment you start playing a song in exactly the same way is the same moment the song starts to die from a performance point of view.

In Why Don’t You Do Right?, for example, the chord shapes are constantly changing.

What you see in the video is just one example of how to play a song like this, it was one take, next one would be different.

This should also be your aim when you play this type of material. It will allow music to come through you, rather than from you.