Master Acoustic Songs

Your final six songs to Master The Guitar!

Master guitar songs use advanced chords, bass lines and solos.

Take your time with these songs, some of them are a huge sound scape of chord progressions, key changes and modes.

It is not necessary to copy the arrangement in the video guitar lesson note for note, instead aim to understand the song.

Use the modes and arpeggios you’ve learned and improvise with the arrangement. If you can come up with your own version as well, then that is the best way.

Angel Eyes chordsAngel Eyes

Angel Eyes is a jazz standard in the minor blues format.

Using a walking bass you should play this song differently every time by improvising the walking bass.

If you have practiced your chords in every position you can easily add them, no matter where your walking bass takes you

Go to video lesson: Angel Eyes Chords

Arthur's Theme chordsArthur’s Theme

Arthur’s Theme is a feast in chord progression, extensions and key changes.

To fully understand this master piece you have to name each chord as a roman numeral and keep track of all those very clever modulations.

Go to video lesson: Arthur’s Theme Chords

Dream A Little Dream chordsDream A Little Dream Of Me

Mama Cass classic version of this song is here recorded almost note for note.

That’s until the Chorus kick in, the original recording has very little guitar so this section as been arranged almost from scratch to work on one acoustic guitar.

Go to video lesson: Dream A Little Dream Of Me Chords

I Wish ChordsI Wish

Originally in the key of Ebm (Dorian) this song has been transposed up to Em in order to work better on just one acoustic guitar.

The bass line is very prominent in this song and must therefore be a big part of a one guitar arrangement.

Another big feature is how the chords rhythmically follow the vocal.

Go to video lesson: I Wish Chords

Tenderness chordsTenderness

Huge chords and odd time signatures dominate Tenderness, the most difficult tune Spy Tunes have to offer.

The harmonic landscape is so huge in this relatively unknown Paul Simon tune it will take a while to get to grips with every section.

Go to video lesson: Tenderness Chords

Why Don't You Do Right chordsWhy Don’t You Do Right?

The final song at Master level use a more prominent walking bass line than Angel Eyes.

To know all your chord shapes is now extremely important so the walking bass line can be improvised, chords added wherever you may be on the neck.

Go to video lesson: Why Don’t You Do Right?

For complete guidance to every nuance of these songs, take the Master Guitar Course and don’t just learn the tune, learn from the tune!