Tenderness Chords

Tenderness chords lesson

Learn how to play Tenderness!

‘Tenderness’ is a song from the studio album ‘There Goes Rhymin’ Simon’ by Paul Simon.

This chordal master piece would have to be studied in detail to be fully understood.

Huge extensions, slash chords, key changes and odd time signatures make this tune a proper challenge to work out.

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Tenderness Chord Progression Tricks

The first chord, a G9b5 is a trick!

It sounds like it’s the V chord going to chord I but it’s not, it’s actually chord I, leading to chord IV.

Straight away there’s a sign here that we’re in for some serious chord movement. Looks like Paul Simon picked up a thing or two since his days in Simon & Garfunkel!

The original song is in a different key to what I’ve recorded it in, I’m in the key of G, the original recording is in C. I did this as my singer was female and it sounded much better for her in this key.

Time Signatures and feel

If the chords seem complicated in Tenderness, check out the time signatures!

First of all, the original version is more straight forward 4/4, my version has more of a triplet feel which makes it in 12/8. 12/8 is like 4/4 with a triplet over each beat.

When ‘Tenderness’ eventually get the extra beat, instead of calling those bars 5/4, they become 15/8 time. This is not actually as complicated as it may sound, you simply add one more “beat of 1 2 3″.

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