Arpeggios - Intro

You can Master the Arpeggios!

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Connect Dom7

Connect Dom7 Arpeggios

Learn how to connect dom7 Arpeggios!

Go to Connect Dom7 Arpeggios.

Connect Maj7

Connect Maj7 Arpeggios

Learn how to connect maj7 Arpeggios!

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Connect Min7

Connect Min7 Arpeggios

Learn how to connect min7 Arpeggios!

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Connect Min7b5

Connect Min7b5 Arpeggios

Learn how to connect min7b5 Arpeggios!

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Cycle Of 4th

Arpeggios Cycle Of 4th

Run the Arpeggios through the cycle of 4ths!

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Master Exercise

Master Arpeggio Exercise

Your final Arpeggio Exercise!

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Arpeggio Substitution

Master the arpeggios!

When you mastered these arpeggio exercises you can stop practicing arpeggios, forever!

Just like you have practiced your chords, pentatonic scales and modes, the arpeggio exercises connects the shapes and runs through the cycle of 4ths.

Again, the important point to be made is to see the connection between:

Chord – Chord Number – Pentatonic – Mode and Arpeggio for each of the 5 shapes.

It is not until you have the full understanding of all these elements that you can stop guessing and start playing.

Arpeggios Definition

An arpeggio is usually refereed to as a broken chord, find out more in wikipedias article on arpeggios.

On the guitar however we don’t have the advantage most instruments have where you easily can play a chord, one note after another as a perfect arpeggio.

On the guitar we have shapes that skip intervals, the E shape for example is R-5-R-3-5-R so just playing that is not really playing an arpeggio.

Perhaps this is why reading music is so much more difficult for a guitarist than it seemingly is on other instruments.

Arpeggio Triads

You may have noticed how I haven’t gone through the minor and major arpeggios in their basic form, this is because when soloing with arpeggios you generally want the sound of the 7th note chord.

Once you can play all variations of 7th note arpeggios, in their correct position in relation to all other chords, playing a basic triad will be very simple.

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