Master Chords - Intro

Learn how to build big chords!

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9 Chords

9 Chords

Learn how to play dom9, maj9 and min9 chords!

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11 Chords

11 Chords

Learn how to play 11 and m11 chords!

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13 Chords

13 Chords

Learn how to play a 13 chord on Guitar!

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Altered Chords

Altered Chords

Learn how to play Altered chords!

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Easier Chords
  • Advanced Chords

    Learn how to extend chords!

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  • Intermediate Chords

    Turn your open position chords into barred chords!

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  • Beginner Chords

    Discover the secret to understanding the guitar!

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Understand how big chords are built!

At Master Chords we look at how to construct some more unusual chords.

It’s important to see these chords as extensions of a 7th note chord. 13, for example is an extension of the V7 chord.

If you can think like this you will soon not have to think at all.

Paired with understanding the position of the chord in the progression you simply use intervals to extend the chord.

Learn exactly how by using the menu above for each chord.