Finger Style Songs

Arthur’s Theme

Arthur's Theme

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Dream A Little Dream

Dream A Little Dream Of Me

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Why Don’t You Do Right

Why Don't You Do Right?

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Beginner Finger Style Songs

Beginner Finger Style Songs

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Intermediate Finger Style Songs

Intermediate Finger Style Songs

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Advanced Finger Style Songs

Advanced Finger Style Songs

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Learn how to play Finger Style Guitar!

These final songs are still one acoustic guitar arrangements, although a solo have been overdubbed on electric guitar for Arthur’s Theme (we couldn’t resist!)

The master finger style songs are difficult, Dream A Little Dream for example is not a song you’ll get done in 5 minutes.

Still, as you peel back the flourishes there are basic repetitive patterns even in this song that can be practiced and brought up to speed in time.

Here at master level you really do wanna try and make the arrangement your own. Do stray away from what you find in the video, experimentation is key to development.

When you stop playing a memorized part and start “playing with the part” you will reach a new level of playing finger style guitar.

Keep it simple or make it sound easy

When a song is really complicated it is even more important to make it sound simple, or at least as if it is easy for you. Do practice the basic patterns that come with each song in order to achieve ease in your playing.

There is no reason why you couldn’t first learn a simplified version of the song and later bring in the flourishes.

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