Master Finger Style Songs

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Master Finger Style Guitar Songs!

The master finger style songs are difficult, Dream A Little Dream for example is not a song you’ll get done in 5 minutes.

Still, as you peel back the flourishes there are basic repetitive patterns even in this song that can be practiced and brought up to speed in time.

Here at master level you really do wanna try and make the arrangement of these songs your own. Do stray away from what you find in the video, experimentation is key to your development.

When you stop playing a memorised part and start “playing with the part” you will reach a new level of playing finger style guitar.

Arthur's Theme Guitar LessonArthurs Theme

In Arthurs Theme both claw comping and a ripple technique are used.

Both these techniques can be used frequently when building finger style arrangements so do have a closer look at them.

Go to Video Lesson: Arthurs Theme Finger Style Guitar Lesson

Dream A Little Dream Guitar LessonDream A Little Dream Of Me

Dream A Little Dream is a tricky song to learn the finger style pattern for, there are many chords to keep track of.

The finger style pattern is logical but all the different chords can at first make it seem a bit chaotic.

Take the Master Guitar Course for the full low down on this song.

Go to Video Lesson: Dream A Little Dream Of Me Finger Style Guitar Lesson

Why Don't You Do Right Guitar LessonWhy Don’t You Do Right?

Why Don’t You Do Right? is played using a walking bass, combined with some chords.

Every time you play it, you could improvise the bass line and just add the chords using whatever shape is nearest.

Go to Video Lesson: Why Don’t You Do Right Finger Style Guitar Lesson

All these songs are covered in great depth when you take the Master Guitar Course.