Master Rhythm Guitar Songs

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Improvise your Rhythm Guitar parts!

These final rhythm guitar songs are all very different.

In Angel Eyes the hardest part might be to not speed up, in I Wish it is definitely to maintain the groove that will be the main hurdle.

As for Tenderness, you might think it’s just the chords that are hard, only to discover the odd time signatures hidden in this arrangement…

All these songs can teach you something different about playing rhythm guitar.

Angel Eyes Guitar LessonAngel Eyes

Playing slowly, with feel and groove, but without fluctuating in tempo is often harder than playing fast.

This is one of the main challenges when playing super slow Angel Eyes. The chord progression has many lessons to teach you as well.

Go to Video Lesson: Angel Eyes Rhythm Guitar Lesson

I Wish Guitar LessonI Wish

I Wish combines a bass line with syncopated chords, the hardest part here is to make the bass line and chords sound natural together.

The guitar part must support the vocal by being repetitive, all fills must sync with the vocal or answer it.

Go to Video Lesson: I Wish Rhythm Guitar Lesson

Tenderness Guitar LessonTenderness

Think the chords sound and look complicated? Check out the time signature!

At one point Tenderness is in 15/8 time. 15/8 may sound very hard to play?

Luckily it isn’t as hard as you may think, all you do is add one more beat to 12/8 time.

Go to Video Lesson: Tenderness Rhythm Guitar Lesson

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