A Spy Tunes Method Testimonial

Best Testimonial yet!

There’s a new Guitar Conspiracy out, I’ve updated it.

When I do this to one of the eBooks I always send it out to everyone who bought it, as a free update.

Here’s one of the emails I had back from Frédéric:

“Tanks a lot Guru, this is amazing. I will buy the full method again from time to time to thank you.

To tell you how much I love your work, I would like to share a story with you:

I used to be a guitar player, until 8 years ago, when I started developing a multiple sclerosis. I lost fine control of my fingers after my first attack. I could not play guitar anymore.

Three years later, I had recovered a bit, and started to practice again. But it never felt as before. I could never know whether my fingers were about to fret a chord properly, and I would say that, by that time, my fingers were doing what I wanted them to only about half of the time.

A Spy Tunes Testimonial

A Spy Tunes Testimonial

Then, in April of this year, I purchased your method, because it looked different from any other methods. I practiced intensively, especially the spiders, the acoustic finger style book, and the chord progressions.

We are 8 months later, and now, my fingers do what I want 95% of the time. I have an amazing sound. Each time I take my guitar, I fear that all of these could be gone again. But each time, I feel the same delightful enjoyment: I can play how I want, and I sound amazing.

Music, that was so important to me since I was young, is now back into my life. Thanks to you. Now I know that I just need to keep on following your method, to become the guitar player I always wanted to be. I love you, Guru.


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